LUCI Unveils Debut Album 'They Say They Love You'

North Carolina Artist's journey of love, perseverance, and authenticity.


North Carolina's rising star LUCI gears up to drop her debut album 'They Say They Love You' on February 2, 2024. And that's not all – she's just unleashed her latest single 'Martyr,' complete with a visually captivating music video that's already making waves. This track isn't just another addition to the music scene; it's poised to make a splash under the cutting-edge Brixton-based record label, Don't Sleep.

LUCI's album, 'They Say They Love You,' packs a punch with its 10 tracks that were carefully crafted in both Ambridge, Pennsylvania and the bustling hub of LA. The album takes you on a journey through themes that everyone can relate to: love, loneliness, fighting through uncertainty, self-care, and the rollercoaster of coming of age. The production dream team behind the album includes the likes of William J Sullivan (known for his work with Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and others), Louallday (who's worked with Doja Cat, Tyler The Creator, and more), and even Elias Abid and Edmund Irwinsinger from Glass Animals. LUCI's mission with this album is to ignite your senses and inspire you to make positive changes, sharing, "I want to be the example of doing what you love, and being relentless about it."

Let's not forget the track that's got everyone talking – 'Martyr.' Following the footsteps of her more pop-oriented track, '11:11,' 'Martyr' takes us back to the late 90s and early 2000s, channeling the vibes of icons like Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes. What sets LUCI apart is her lyrical prowess that effortlessly fuses rap with soulful singing. The track's beats, masterfully produced by Elias Abid, hit hard and guide you through LUCI's unique vocal journey. Speaking about 'Martyr,' LUCI explains, "I wanted to give the people lyrics, it’s a song for the ego, something for my people to chant. I’m on my lil rap jug. Power, pressure, hard and loud but melodic."