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Model And DJ Louisa Von Coburg Is Living The Life Every Teenager Can Only Dream About

Young, Wild And Free


Louisa was born into fashion. Her mom who was a model as well took her traveling during her career and already from a young age her growing interest for fashion and arts became a chosen career path for her. Today, 18 years old, Louisa doesn't only have an international modelling career, she also started DJ'ing under the name "DJ V.L.C" and plays the hottest gigs in European big cities.

Please introduce yourself to us:

My name is Louisa Von Coburg, 18 years old, working model and DJ.

If you had to choose: Modeling vs. DJ'ing?

That's difficult to answer. As a person I'm very connected to music and it's easy for me to express myself through DJ'ing. Both jobs are creative but DJ'ing reflects your own individual taste in music whereas the fashion industry often require clean cavas-models, meaning that it isn't always about what you think and what you want but what you're able to look like.

You started blogging about fashion from an early age, tell us about that:

I've always been in to computer stuff- I'm a millennial, I was born in cyber space- and I've also always loved fashion - my mom was a model, I was born into the industry. When I was 12 I just decided to announce my dedication to my two passions in the blog and it turned out really well. 

"I'm always trying to combine my outfits with whatever fits my style."

Tell us more about you growing up with a model mom:

Well, some kids like to read super hero comics, all I wanted to read was VOGUE. 

And how did you start your modeling career?

It's always been a part of my identity. The people who've surrounded me since I was a kid worked in the industry, and when I turned 14 it suddenly became my time to shine. It was the most natural thing for me to do, it was already my life.

Your mom being a model: Blessing vs. Curse?

A blessing of course! She taught me everything I know, gives me advice and it's a privilege to have someone as close to you as your mom relating to your work. I'm always thankful for that.

Where are you signed?

Proudly at Promod Model Agency.

Brands you like to wear?

Fashion is a lot about style, so I'm always trying to combine my outfits with whatever fits my style. ASOS, ZARA, Mango are often matched with stuff from Chanel, Moschino and Gucci. And like every other fashionista I never forget the fashion from the past and love me some vintage clothes. 

"It is so important that you don't lose yourself to the industry. Don't ever be too strict and hard on yourself, be proud of who you are."

Finish the sentence: I would love to become the face of..:

… any project or campaign that empowers diversity, hope, love and peace. 

What's your best advice to the young boys and girls out there, who wants to start a modeling career?

It is so, so important that you don't lose yourself to the industry. Don't ever be too strict and hard on yourself, be proud of who you are. Even though it can some times be hard when the producer freaks out about your shoe not hitting the light right: be self confident (and don't ever forget a sense of humor).

How did all the traveling affect your childhood and teenage years? Any burned bridged or broken hearts?

It's true I travelled a lot but it's never been a burden to me, I love it. It's been such a great privilege having my friends and family traveling with me so I never felt like I lost out on something. Meeting people from different cultures all a around the world has been an adventure and it's how I've become the open minded person I consider myself as being today. 

What's your favourite place in the world?

Ugh, tough one. I know so many beautiful places. It might come off as a big old cliché but New York City. If I ever landed on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean with bright sun and blue sea, I could live with that as well. 

Let's get back to your DJ'ing career. Tell us where it began:

It all began with a playlist I had to create. I helped out a friend who needed some music for an art event he was hosting. He knew that I was into all kinds of different genres so he put me in charge. Basically the playlist just triggered a creative drive inside of me and it escalated from being just a hobby to a job.


What kind of music are you playing?

Mainly House, Deep House and Future. But my heart will always beat for Hip Hop and RnB music!

Since you're both modeling and DJ'ing professionally, do you have any advice for other young multi talents?

For me, it's important to chose one path you want to put the most effort into. The one thing doesn't exclude the other you just have to decide where you want to be the best. You can't be the best at everything.

Where are you flipping records in the nearest future?

I've got a few gigs coming up around Germany. I'm doing a lil' tour in Hamburg performing in clubs like NOHO, Clouds and GAGA.

And how do we get in touch with you?

If you're interested in DJ LVC, I do bookings through my website, modelling goes through my agency Promod Model Agency. If you just wanna hang, get in line.

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