Futureproof Your Health- Beyond Diet and Exercise

Essential strategies for a longer, healthier life.


We only get one life to live, so it's important to live it well. And most of us would agree that we want to stick around for as long as we can to spend time with our loved ones- to see our kids get married, our grandkids graduate and maybe even welcome great grandchildren into the world. We all know the importance of eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise, but what can we do beyond these things that can help to prolong our lives? Here are a few suggestions.

Prioritise Sleep

Getting enough sleep is absolutely vital to good health and wellbeing- it’s much more important than you might realise. For example, did you know that lack of sleep increases your risk of an early death for ALL causes? The National Library of Medicine found that ‘Sleeping 5 hours or less per night increased mortality risk, from all causes, by roughly 15 percent.’ It has become widely accepted in our society that most of us don’t get enough sleep and that shouldn't be the case. It might feel like you don't have enough hours in the day, but it’s worth readjusting your schedule and really making this a priority to improve your chances of maintaining good health over the years. 

Manage Stress

Chronic stress can take such a toll on your health over time. Getting stressed at times in life is inevitable but if this is an ongoing issue you’ll experience both short and long term effects. Our immune system gets weaker, making you more prone to illnesses. It can also raise blood pressure, damage your heart, and upset digestion. Feeling stressed a lot might lead to anxiety, depression, and trouble concentrating so practice stress reduction techniques. These can include things like meditation and deep breathing, yoga, hobbies or even just spending time in nature. These techniques help lower stress hormones and promote a sense of calm and balance.

Build Strong Social Connections

Meaningful relationships and social relationships are important for people of all ages, as humans we’re social creatures and need that connection with friends and family. So spend time with loved ones and engage in hobbies to meet likeminded people. Aim to seek out opportunities to connect with others to build a strong support network.

Don’t Overlook Preventative Care

Don’t wait until you’re sick to seek out medical assistance. If you look after yourself with prevention then any issues can be spotted at the earliest stage or potentially before they even begin. Take services like Echelon Health, they can detect up to 94% of health issues that could lead to premature death so you can take action early. Screening tests based on your age, gender and lifestyle are also important, and even things like regular optician and dentist appointments are important to stay proactive about your health.