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Lisa Michalik Is The Steezy Make-Up Artist And Grillzmaker You Need To Follow

More grills than George Foreman.


Recently, we've seen so much metalwork in the mouths of our favorite celebs, were starting to believe they've been sneaking kisses from Midas himself. Kendall Jenner, Adwoa Aboah, Cara Delevingne – the list goes on – all rocking golden tooth caps, tooth jewels and full-on gangster grillz. Because fact is, girls in grills look totally badass – how could you not want to sink your teeth into this trend?

Enter Instagram sensation, Lisa Michalik: Paris-based make-up artist and “grillzmaker,” infusing those 1080 x 1080 squares with her own brand of steez, one brightly-painted face and razor-sharp smile at a time. Her feed is boiling over with high-voltage close-ups, zooming in on unconventionally placed daubs of color, graphic eyeliner and bejeweled highlighter – but never in an overtly feminine way.

There is a definite sense of gender neutrality running throughout the make-up looks, with grungy or futuristic guy-eyes and rouged cheeks and bare female faces – and of course, grills across the board. The shots blend candid moments with an editorial appeal: with blurriness and unconventional angles evoking constant motion – an energetic youthfulness which can't be boxed in and contained.

Check out Lisa Michalik's Instagram here.