Photo: Zoe McConnell for Fizzy Mag

How To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day


Do you ever find yourself out to dinner, on a date or chatting with a friend, trying to maintain an interesting conversation when your mind is really just distracted on a pesky voice inside your head telling you to check your lipstick? All those sips of your coffee, bites of your entrée and maybe a little smooching, and you have to wonder if your lips look as perfectly tinted as those precious moments right after lipstick application. Chances are, no. Instead, you're left with a gross, awkward line around the outside of your lips, and the center is practically devoid of pigment. So, what can you do instead of trying to sneakily use your phone’s reverse camera as an impromptu mirror to check the damage?

We have your five-step program here:

1. Put on your lipstick

2. Remove excess color by dabbing with a Kleenex

3. Apply a thin coat of powder to your lips.

4. Gently press your lips together 

5. Repeat steps 1 – 3 

Now, you can go throughout your day without fear of crazy lips! You're welcome.