Lipo: Chrissi's Ode to Body Positivity and Self Love

Start listening to her now, so you can say "I liked her before she got famous."


With a blend of inspiration from SZA all the way to The 1975, rising alt-RnB and soul artist Chrissi emerged in 2021 with her incredibly striking and inimitable debut EP "Back In The Day." The self-proclaimed Essex girl has finally released her first track of 2022 titled "Lipo," in which she discusses male expectations and the hurt they can cause, but with a much more self-assured, body positive outlook. 

Explaining her inspiration, she says “I wrote the chorus for Lipo after something happened with a guy who led me to believe he was interested until he got what he wanted and then expressed that he wasn’t interested in dating someone with my body type." 

Instrumentally, the track remains laid-back yet groovy, perfectly accompanying Chrissi's velvet vocals and allowing the potent lyrics to take centre stage. In an interview with Best Fit, she says "I feel like I’ve grown a lot from the first EP lyrically and sonically, but the base emotion and feeling is somewhat the same. The songs on this new project express my emotions and experiences in a more direct and less poetic way.”

Chrissi is one of the most exciting, growing artists at the moment. In an 2021 interview with The Indiependant, she said one of her biggest influences in the studio is Joy Crookes, and in February 2022, she was her support act at Omera, London. Although she does not yet have any upcoming shows announced, she is working on EP number 2, so expect to hear from Chrissi soon.