American Senator Wants To Legalize Weed Across The Nation

Let's be blunt about this, it's a fucking good idea.


Via a Facebook live video, New Jersey Democratic Senator, Cory Booker announced a new bill which would make marijuana legal at a national level. The Marijuana Justice Act would amend the Controlled Substances Act, providing new rules for the application and usage of marijuana and penalize states for racially-disparate arrest or incarceration rates for marijuana-related crimes.

“We live in a country where we swear this idea – we put our hand over our heart, and we believe very strongly that we are to be a nation of liberty and justice for all,” says Booker. “Well, one way in which we have not fulfilled that promise, that ideal, is through our criminal justice system.” Currently half of U.S. states are now allowed to use weed medically, while eight states are permitted to use recreationally.

Although marijuana laws are becoming increasingly more flexible across many countries, we totally think the world should take a leaf out of Booker's, well, book and decriminalize the drug entirely. Because, as Bob Marley once said, “Herb is the healing of a nation.”