LA-based DJ Lauren Lane Tells Us all About Her Gig At Coachella, Her Next Steps And What Music Means To Her

Dance-floor vibes with warehouse bass.


Can someone really be cool, pretty, stylish and talented at the same time? Unlikely for sure, but apparently Lauren Lane can! The New York-born, LA-based DJ has performed at some of the most exciting clubs and festivals around the world and played with some of the biggest and legendary names in the industry. From her debut EP, ‘Cool Kids’ in 2014 to Coachella this year, Lauren Lane’s careers seems just unstoppable.

We at Fizzy Mag had a chat with her about her gig at Coachella, her next steps and what music means to her. Keep reading to find out how this strong woman navigate herself in a male-dominated industry. Oh…did we mention that she is also a fashion designer?

Lauren, congrats on your epic show at Coachella this year, how did that feel?

Lauren: It was a milestone for my career. Getting to play the prime slot at Coachella - a festival I love and that inspires me. It was a major honor to play b2b with legends like Nic and Hotsince82. I played in Yuma Tent the very first year Coachella had it and it’s amazing to see the evolution of the size and amount of people that come to the tent that enjoy the same type of music I play, from year one to now.

You are also starting your new label soon, what can we expect from that?

L: My official remix of TLC’s Creep is launching in September and you can expect upbeat dance-floor vibes with warehouse bass. I’m excited for everyone to hear it!

What do you want fans to feel from your music, is there a message you are trying to convey?

L: The reason why I wanted to become a DJ and producer, is because I discovered the incredible feeling that music gives me. It brings me so much happiness and inspiration and an escape from everyday life. I would like to give that feeling back to the dance community.

How have you found being a female in the underground scene?

L: Whether you’re a female or male you have to put a lot of time, dedication, and work into your success. If you’re passionate and inspired, it doesn’t really matter what your gender is. However, it still is a male-dominated industry and I hope to see more women on future line ups.

Not only are you making moves in the music industry, but you are now moving into fashion. What led to you doing that?

L: Clothes and accessories have always been a way for me to express myself other than music, and after being a DJ for quite some time now it felt natural for me to continue to share my artistic taste through fashion. I feel like there is a place in the market for my ideas and I wanted to share them with the world.

The response to LANE Eyewear was amazing, what are your plans for LANE Eyewear in the future? Will we see some more ranges?

L: SS19 will have 3 new styles coming out in the next months. It will still be the same concept with a few new twists that will continuously evolve. This will be a capsule collection with limited editions and I hope that a full range is down the road.

How have you found venturing into fashion?

L: It’s definitely been a learning process and it’s always really cool when you see someone wearing your design or complimenting your design without knowing it’s yours.

Do you think there are expectations for people, especially women, in the fashion and music industry?

Both industries are male-dominated. You just really have to stand out and be as original as you can and show a side that gives a different perspective that’s still appealing to everyone.

What would you say the vibe of LANE Eyewear and any future fashion ventures is?

L: Versatile/functional. Going from bright sunlight or indoors is easy with some of the designs I have, because they have removable darker lenses. I think the thing with me is like looking and making sure it's unisex and flattering for most people. I want my art to be appealing to the same type of demographic that my music refers to.

Where can fans see you perform next and where can we keep an eye out for any new fashion news?

L: This month I’m playing Space Terrace, Stereo Live Houston, Burning Man,  and I’ll be back in Ibiza playing Paradise and Ushuaia closing with Black Coffee. 


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