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OMG! Kylie Jenner Announces New Makeup Collab With Kim Kardashian

This is not a drill.


Back in March, Kylie Jenner teased a mysterious new collab, and we (along with all her fans) had a laundry list of guesses about who it could be with. While some suggested Kylie would team up with one of her BFFs, like Hailey Baldwin or Jordyn Woods, others threw out a major curveball theory— it would be with big sister Kim Kardashian West. Now, it appears the latter fans were psychic (or had some inside connections??) because Kylie Cosmetics just announced today that the collab would indeed be with Kim!

The announcement came via an Instagram post from Kylie. At first glance, you might believe it’s just a mirrored image of the young star, but look closer and you’ll notice the second face in the video is actually Kim— yes, apparently they’re just that identical. 

The Insta video doesn’t explain much and instead, leaves quite a bit to the imagination. In the vid, Kim and Kylie are bare from the neck down, focusing all the attention on their glowing skin. You can watch as neutral hue after neutral hue is applied to their lips and skin. After peeping the video, we feel quite certain the featured lip shade will be part of the upcoming collab, but will the sisters also launch a bare basics kit with everything from foundation to concealer and beyond? Only time will tell, but considering how much we’ve loved Kylie Cosmetics’ products in the past, we’re sure the release will be well worth the wait. 

There’s no official date set for the release yet aside from “COMING SOON,” but knowing Kylie, this collection will probably drop sooner rather than later. So, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection because this collab will probably sell out in the blink of an eye.