BLACKPINK Are Up To Something!

The group announce a new project to celebrate their 5th anniversary


BLACKPINK are up to something as they near their 5th anniversary as a group.

The K-pop group are known internationally. Members Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo first debuted as a group back in 2016 under the company YG Entertainment. In the past five years the girl group has performed at Coachella, worked with some of the biggest fashion brands in the business and released numerous chart-topping hits. 

Now as their fifth university of their debut (August 8th) edges closer the group are teasing an upcoming project on their social media. 

In pure BLACKPINK style the announcement doesn’t reveal much. The signature pink writing on a black background shows the words ‘4+1 PROJECT’. 


Fans are speculating the meaning behind the announcement. Some say the number four represents the members of the group and the one represents blinks (the name of BLACKPINK’s fans). Whilst others hypothesize that a collaboration with another artist is coming.

Whilst details on the project are slim, we are excited to see what BLACKPINK will do next.


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