Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Shapewear Is Causing A Stir

Arguably, for good reason.


Kim’s making headlines again (surprise, surprise). After settling rumors about her extra toe, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was forced to defend herself once again, after announcing the launch of SKIMS maternity shapewear. The news broke on Saturday after Kim shared a peek of the range with her 188m followers. The caption of which reads: “What you’ve been waiting for:  @SKIMS Maternity is coming soon! Introducing Maternity Solutionwear™ that offers the best in comfort and support for your changing body during and after pregnancy.” 


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The range, which comes in nine colors, sizes XXS-5X, and will be available to buy on Wednesday (16), has generated a lot of controversy for, dare we say, pretty obvious reasons. Many women, pregnant and not, were quick to comment their disapproval of Maternity Solutionwear for instilling harmful beliefs that women should care about their appearance whilst pregnant — their booty and thighs in particular. Whilst the belly part of the shapewear is supposedly thin and doesn’t intend to slim, regarding the shorts, the SKIMS website explicitly states, “this mid-thigh sculpting short smooths thighs, lifts butt, and provides a comfortable hold throughout your pregnancy.” 


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Nobody can argue against the latter part of this description, but the former raises some issues. “When I’m pregnant that will be my one chance to enjoy being fat... don’t see the point in this while I’m creating a miracle inside of me,” said one user, whilst another raised the point, “I don’t get it, a lot of other brands sell maternity shapewear but so many are complaining about hers, this isn’t something that’s new.” Could it be the range has gained so much backlash due to its creators’ controversial reputation? Or rather, is maternity shapewear just plain bad?  


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“To anyone who has an issue with maternity solutionwear, and if you haven't been pregnant before you may not know the struggle of what it's like carrying all of this extra weight the way I did with millions of strong women,” said Kim, in defense of the launch. ‘Support not slim’ is the repeated motto, but many are still scratching their heads. How does a shapely booty tie into this ideology?  


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