Kenzo and WWF Take Tiger Conservation To Next Level

Kenzo launches capsule to help multiply tiger species.


In September last year Kenzo partnered with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), to protect the world’s tiger population. Now the luxury fashion brand has expanded its support as they aim to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022, which just happens to be the Chinese Year of the Tiger. 

There were 100,000 big cats roaming the earth a century ago, and now there are only 3,900, just let that sink in. It’s monumental that brands get involved with charities such as this to reach conservation goals.


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The tiger symbol is at the heart of the Kenzo brand, as founding principles embody similar traits of courage, power and energy, making it imperative that they be protected. First introduced in 2013, it acts as one of the most recognizable fashion symbols of the 21st century. Designed by Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the latest collection features an update of the graphic on the likes of sweatshirts t-shirts and more. 

Dropping on March 22nd, Kenzo has pledged to donate $10 per item towards the TX2 goal. All the garments have been made using 100% organic cotton, which means that by purchasing you’re not only helping save the tiger species, but you’re also contributing to a more ethical fashion industry. It’s a win win.


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Kenzo continues to showcase its ethical philosophies through its dedication to protect nature. The clothing prices range from £125 (about $173) - £290 (about $401), and you can shop the full collection on the Kenzo website


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