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Have Kendall And Gigi Had A Fallout?

The Pair May Have Lost Their BFF Status


It has come to our attention that at Anna Wintour’s Annual Met Gala, the model duo who are normally away snapping selfies in the corner, didn’t seem to take a single photo together! They weren’t even in the same frame as each other in any photos, suggesting they spent the night apart, ergo, maybe they aren’t BFF’s anymore! 

Is Kendall + Bella a thing now?

It also seems that there is no photographic evidence they went to each others recent birthdays and the last candid photo of them hanging out together is actually dated back to June 2016! We know they have jam packed schedules so it’s possible they’ve just been super busy and haven’t had the freedom for some down time together but we have to admit, it does look a little strange! Here’s hoping it’s just a silly argument or a clashing of free time, we miss seeing the pair together, I mean what would a world without Gigi and Kendall as best friends even look like…