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OG Fashion Warrior Katharine Hamnett Makes A Comeback

OG Fashion Warrior Katharine Hamnett Makes A Comeback

Let's get political.


If you don't know Katharine Hamnett, get to know. The British designer was best known for her political T-shirts back in the early '80s, one of which – emblazoned with “58% DON’T WANT PERSHING” – she brazenly wore to confront the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher at a Fashion Week reception in 10 Downing Street. Badass. She was also one of the first designers to speak up about sustainability after learning of the severe human and environmental consequences of the cotton industry.

Hamnett made her comeback in fall of last year, and her activist stance couldn't be more relevant, as our over-consuming world nears an environmental tipping point and the likes of Trump and Kim Jong-un are threatening each other with nukes over Twitter to compensate for their tiny dic... hands.

Her Spring/Summer 2018 collection revives the laid-back cotton-drill and parachute-silk pieces that have been hugely sought after by fans for years. HBX is stocking the most streetwear-able pieces from the sustainable line-up. Jackets, track pants, overalls and a bold “PROTEST AND SURVIVE” T-shirt arrive in the parachute silk, and on the tee and sweatshirt front, it's all about simple cuts and logo branding. There's also a real nice bikini set in there that's perfect for, we don't know, when it's too hot at the protest for actually wearing clothes.

Take a look at the key pieces in the gallery above and head to HBX to shop the fresh drop.


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