Unveiling Supremacy: The Resilient Journey of Kate Stewart

A journey to artistic freedom and vocal brilliance.


Basking in the euphoria of possessing romantic supremacy, "Never Enough" once again flaunts Kate Stewart's vocal prowess - returns with "Never Enough," the lead single from her upcoming EP, "You Had to Be There," released via The Orchard. Written and produced by Kate, alongside hitmaker brother David Stewart and Jessica Agombar (the duo behind the BTS megahit “Dynamite”), the song adds a sultry touch to her catalog, combining bright sounds with the grit of "London Town."

The track blends low-key funk vibes, soft house chords, slinky synths, and pulsing bass rhythms, creating a summer-flavored "backwards love song." Stewart effortlessly delivers sassy one-liners through fluttering high notes, breathy staccato moments, and soaring harmonies, relishing the satisfaction of her romantic power. Kate's vocals showcase her mastery as one of the UK's strongest vocalists in recent times.

Regarding "Never Enough," Kate Stewart explains, "It's a backwards love song about the other person being far more invested in the relationship. Someone could do everything to keep you happy, but it's never enough.

Having grown up in West London, deeply influenced by vocal powerhouses like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera, Kate's passion for vocals has always been the driving force behind her work. Initially signed to Warner Music as 'KStewart', she soon felt confined to a 'cookie-cutter' role, hindering her true potential for pop stardom. This led her to break free from the major label's clutches, seeking independence and control over her artistic expression.

Unwavering in her confidence and assertiveness, Kate swiftly found her footing as an independent artist and released her debut project, "In the Beginning," in late 2018. The record garnered critical acclaim and amassed millions of streams.

Over the years, Kate delighted her audience with a series of well-received R&B-infused singles, showcasing her roots as a West London native. Now, in 2023, a significant milestone in her career awaits as she prepares to unveil "You Had to Be There," her highly anticipated body of work and her first project in five years.