Kate Moss Ventures Into The World Of NFT

Ever wanted to take a drive with the global supermodel? Well, here is your chance.


Kate Moss has partnered with mysterious collective MITNFT to release three NFT videos that will be sold at auction.

The world of non-fungible digital art is thriving. Collectors internationally are eager to purchase works of art that they physically cannot touch. Many artists are experimenting with the rising form of art and Moss is no different.

In a statement she showed an interest in NFTs as it is a new form of art and allows her to control her image through the digital aspect. She was also drawn to the medium of video, as to her art is about movement.


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The three videos take a look into Kate’s notoriously private life. Entitled Walk with Kate, Sleep with Kate and Drive with Kate, the videos portray an intimate side of the model in a way that she has often strayed away from. The short clips were filmed at Kate’s home and using her own clothing. 

The videos will be auctioned off on the platform Foundation and bidding begins on 13th April. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Adwoa Aboah’s Gurls Talk organization, which provides mental health support for women and girls. 

The buyers of the work will receive an audio certification recorded by Kate Moss and it will also be announced in an Instagram post on Kates agency’s Instagram.


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