Karhartt Kapsule: The Carhartt x L’Art de L’Automobile Collection
Karhartt Kapsule: The Carhartt x L’Art de L’Automobile Collection
Karhartt Kapsule: The Carhartt x L’Art de L’Automobile Collection

Karhartt Kapsule: The Carhartt x L’Art de L’Automobile Collection



A modern-twist on Parisian automotive chic, the Carhartt x L’Art de l’Automobile collection brings gear-head glamor to the fashion stage. 

The collection was created as a nod to both Carhartt’s and L’Art de l’Automobile’s motor-city histories. Arthur Kar, the creative, mechanic brain, and Parisian-based car dealer behind lifestyle brand, L’Art de l’Automobile, has had a relationship with cars since his youth. Years spent skipping school as a teenage to help his father work on cars in his garage manifested first into car dealing and later into his own lifestyle brand. He says L’Art de l’Automobile was birthed from his desire to “push the limit of car culture and make it more creative”. More surprisingly, Carhartt also has a strong history with cars, having brought out its own line of “Carhartt automobiles” in 1911-12 in Detroit, Michigan. Whilst the legacy of Carhartt cars was somewhat short-lived, the mechanic-chic of the brand’s aesthetics lends itself to this motorhead collaboration with Kar.

Every piece of the collection features the collaboration’s new logo—the brands designs being spliced together to create a new-age “Karhartt” motif.  

The collection features reimagined versions of the classic Carhartt Michigan Coat and their iconic Single Knee Pant. Kars and Carhartt’s joint vision is one that can only be described as mechanic-à-la-mode. The envisioned pants come with a usable wrench keychain attached to the back pocket and the colorway of the whole collection is inspired by a rare Italian off-road vehicle from the 1960s and 70s—the Ferves Ranger

The colors are also inspired by the trees of Kar’s own childhood in Lebanon. This marriage between mechanics and Mother Nature is reflected in the campaign for the collection, which features the Ferves Ranger surrounded in a green jungle, set in an empty garage. The campaign was shot by Sylvian Sey and art directed by the L’Art de l’Automobile team and Parisian store The Broken Arm. Music producer Louis Brodinski and L’Art Kids work as both models and musicians in the video.

Kar L’Art de L’Automobile x Carhartt WIP is in high demand and most of the collection is already sold out. However, there are some pieces still available to purchase here


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