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Kanye Accuses Ariana Grande Of Using Him To Promote Herself

After reference to his beef with Drake.


Earlier this week Ariana Grande dropped another single; 'imagine', but Kanye West was not happy about the way she did it. 

When Ariana tweeted about ‘grown men arguing online’ and asked for fans to ‘behave’, she said she wanted herself and Miley (both of who were to drop their new singles that night) to have their moment to ‘shine’. 

However Kanye West was not happy about this, seeming to believe that her reference to the arguing was about him and Drake’s recent feuding. He said that she was using the drama around him to draw attention to herself, and to promote her new music. 

He said that he knew she ‘didn’t mean no harm’ but that that the issue had ‘weighed on (his) mental health’ and that she shouldn’t use him & ‘this moment to promote a song’. 


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