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JW Anderson's 3rd Collab With Converse Is Coming This October

Your Traniers Never Felt So good.


On October 11th JW Anderson’s collaboration with Converse will be released.

After 2 previous collections this new drop, entitled ‘Felt’, continues Anderson’s lifelong exploration of fashion as art.

There seems to be a line drawn between those in the fine art world, and those in the fashion world where fashion is almost looked down upon as something frivolous – a fast paced business not an art form. JW Anderson has always succeeded in crossing that line, with projects like his Disobedient Bodies exhibition and the accompanying magazine, to prove that fashion does hold  cultural value and artistic merit.

This unisex collection features the classic Chuck Taylor All Star in a series of bright colour ways, with slime green and pink sitting side by side on one shoe, tonal khaki on another and green and yellow coming together on a third. But the most interesting feature of these trainers is their texture since they are – of course – felt.

For the campaign the process of making felt has been associated with movement and this is clearly reflected in the campaign photos.  Taken by artist Arielle Bobb-Willis the photos show a group of young people, with hair as colourful as their trainers, entwined in motion together.  The fact that we never see any of the models faces emphasises that the campaign is for everyone and that we should be able to come together no matter our age, skin colour or gender.

The collection is available to cop on October 11th at Converse.com, j-w-anderson.com and from the Voo Store in Berlin, with prices starting at $114.08.

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