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We Hang Out With German It-Girl Julia Wulf In Hamburg

For a shoot and some quick-fire questions.


With almost half a million Instagram followers and a series of Germany’s Next Top Model behind her, German model it-girl Julia Wulf is positively unstoppable. Jules took a break from the bustle of Berlin to catch up with us in her hometown of Hamburg and give us the lowdown on her life and fashion taste – and pose for some stunning shots, of course! Check out the vibrant underground editorial shot by Brit The Kid below.

So, firstly, welcome back to a very rainy Hamburg! Tell us what you’ve been up to!  

Thank you! (laughs) Well, actually my first mission in Berlin right now is to search for a flat, which has been really difficult because there aren’t really any cool flats. I’m having viewings every day but its really hard to find something. That’s my first priority right now. Other than that, I’m working a lot, building up my portfolio and shooting stuff. I haven’t traveled much lately as I’m spending most of my time between Berlin and Hamburg doing jobs. 

Cool. What keeps you going when you're constantly on the move with jobs and the current house hunt? 

I think it’s a really cool thing to meet fun people. It’s not really hard work compared to construction workers on the street or something, you know, I think they’re having it harder. My life isn’t that hard, I think. (laughs) You only have to look around and see people doing much more difficult jobs than you, and then you’re like… “Oh yea… I’m fine”. (laughing) That keeps me going. 

Let’s talk about fashion. What inspires you in that sense?

To be honest, I see stuff that I like and I buy it. It’s not really like, “this style or fashion is my thing” or “this brand is cool,” it’s more like an individual thing. What I like, I like, and I combine that with other stuff I like. It’s not one, single passion.

Do you have any specifics that you look for in a piece of clothing or shoes?

Oh yeah. I really like it when shoes are oversized, platforms or just really bold and edgy. And more often I’m into neutrals, like black, grey, white and not really colorful. Even though I don’t only wear black, it’s much easier to combine. For clothes, I also really like oversized stuff. I always buy stuff in medium or large, never fitted. 

And although you don’t define your personal taste with brands, have there been any memorable brands you’ve still been really excited about working with? 

Yeah, I think the Buffalo campaign was really cool. I think it really worked with my style and personality. Everyone was also really crazy about the campaign and really liked it and I liked it as well. So yeah, that was a really cool job and a really cool team too. 

Sweet. Can you give us your three biggest fashion tips?

Firstly, buy oversized and wear a belt. That’s my first rule. Oversized shirts as a dress with a belt is a pretty typical Jules outfit. My second tip… is that big shoes are really slimming and flattering. And finally, on messy hair days, just wear a bun. 

Great. And can you give us any clues about what’s coming up next for you? 

I can’t say too much about work but I’m going to Asia for New Years Eve to visit my best friend in Malaysia. I really don’t want to celebrate News Years in the winter in Berlin. I really want to be somewhere else. And that’ll be my first time in Asia.

Thanks so much!

Thank you guys!

Photography: BRIT THE KID

Styling: MIE SIHA

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