Insta-Phenomenon Jovana Shares Her Best Styling Tips And Teaches Us How To Dress With Confidence


Jovana (joviilaiin) has been all over the Insta-sphere. Famous for her fearless style and unique taste, the Swiss girl has taken the Internet world by storm. Captivated by her ultra-cool looks, we caught up with Jovana to learn more about her life as a model, creative director and buzzed-about fashionista. 

Hi Jovana, thanks for chatting with us today. Tell us a little about yourself. 

I'm 22 years old, born and raised in Switzerland but have Serbian origin. I currently have a full time job in a chemical company's office but spend my free time doing creative direction and modeling— most of it as freelancer because I want to have the possibility to choose with who I want to work. 

You travel a lot. From Amsterdam to London, Cali, Paris and back. Where are you located?

I was born and grew up in Switzerland (Basel), and I'm still here. I got a super nice job in an office. Having a lot of flexibility allows me to travel around a lot, which is super cool. All the creative things I do happen in my free time, so I have to travel almost every second week for a few days.

How is the city/country you travel to reflected in your own personal style? 

It doesn't reflect me necessarily but sometimes inspires me. Switzerland was always super behind with fashion. People over here still dress super basic. Skinny ripped jeans, a sweater, jeans or leather jacket and some boots, lol. The people are improving, but everything needs a bit more time over here. I dress mostly like a boy; I love hoodies and baggy trousers. I really started being "stylish" (deeper into brands and stuff) when I started to travel by my own but actually never thought of taking a career path in fashion. I studied economics but then realized that that was not the only thing I wanted to do. So,  I found the perfect balance between my job and my passion for fashion.

Your name is East European, right? Sounds very Balkan-ish. Where is it coming from? 

You're right! My parents are from Serbia/Bosnia. Ages ago they moved to Switzerland and had 3 beautiful kids— me and my two brothers. 

How does your parents' culture affect your life/fashion? 

I never felt super connected to my parents' culture, as I did not grow up there. Most of my fam is based in Serbia/Bosnia, so I have been to visit, but the last time I went was five years ago. So, I do not even know how the fashion is over there. Although the culture doesn't influence my style, I know I got something balkan-ish inside of me - always ready for jokes, open minded and open hearted!

What inspires you? 

People have asked me this questions a billion times. I really do not have any star or VIP I look up to. The only people in my life who have any influence are my closest friends and family. I just dress how I feel. I put on whatever I feel goes together. People probably think I spend hours picking out my outfits, but I really only spend 15 minutes tops. Like I said, traveling brings also inspo into my life. 

You are also a model and a creative director. Tell us more about that. Who do you work for? 

I've been working with several designers and brands together, most of them based in Paris, London and Berlin. I really love to organize shoots and pick the right people for it. Building a team isn't that easy sometimes, but I love challenges. There is something starting with Moncler soon, but I have to keep that on the down low for now. One year ago I started to work with Adidas Originals and Adidas Collaborations. I love Adidas for giving people like me the chance to be a part of the brand. There are also a lot of smaller brands I've worked with as well. I do a little bit of everything!

This is a topic girls really want to know more about: What made you cut your hair?

I always loved to shock people, to do something what nobody could expect from me.

Two years ago I had my hair super long. I then cut it shoulder length, but I got bored of it suer fast. The next step was a wild pony and then the short hairstyle, which I just kept for a month. Finally, I shaved everything. I felt super basic with longer hair (with hair in general), so I went spontaneously to a hairdresser after work and told her she should shave everything. Her reaction was quite funny. She asked me around five times if I'm sure about it, but honestly I did not hesitate to do it.

Be honest: Do you regret it?

It was the best decision in my life! I do not regret it at all. I encourage woman to make the change, I feel stronger. To every girl who thought about to go shorter, DO IT!

What is a good outfit for you?

A good outfit is when YOU feel comfortable with it. There's no need to wear big, expensive brands. Clothes are more than names. Clothes are your personality and your own way to show people who you are.

Since life is gucci right now, who’s your favorite designer/ brand? And why? 

I do not have a favorite designer, it changes often. But one I really like at the moment is Gosha Rubchinskiy, simply because the brand provides quality garments that are relatively affordable. Also, everything about the strategy and concept is dope af, from the aesthetics to the models. I need to be captivated by the way a collection is presented, that's how I start to like a brand. I wish Gosha would work more with girls. If you read this Gosha, hmu!

Your major trend for 2017?

Just being myself.

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas ever? 

That's a good question. I don't really receive bad feedback or comments on my outfits.

The only story I remember was once during LCM last year, I wore 2 beanies, so beanie over beanie. People told me it looked funny!

How can people reach you? 

I'm really trying to answer the most of the dm's I get. I know I might be an inspo for other people, so I also want to share experience and answer questions. It's super important to connect. I'm just active on IG so people can reach me there or via my email.

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