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Jasmine Dreamer Talks Body Confidence, Sex Life And Feminism


Instagram’s nudity policy has often been criticized for being too conservative, with the app removing any snapshot—including those posted by celebrities— that reveals too much of the female form. Despite the platform’s strict approach to nudity, one influencer is using the app to liberate females from conventional ideas of sexuality by sharing photos embracing her body’s natural, bare state. 

Jasmine Dreamer has amassed 217K followers since she first launched her account, sharing photos that celebrate her body, embrace her womanhood and channel her strength as a female. At only 23-years-old, Dreamer is using her online presence to post unashamedly raw images of her figure that inspire others to see their own bodies from an enlightened perspective. We chatted with Dreamer to learn more about her approach to nudity online, feminism, relationships and much, much more.  

On the way to her birthday party– Tokyo, Japan. 

Today, you have a huge following online. When did you start your Instagram? 

I suppose so! I started my Instagram account back in December 2013. In comparison to most people, I was pretty late to join. I had just acquired my first iPhone, and the very first picture I posted was blurry and of my sister, flipping off the camera.

Was nudity a thing right from the beginning on your social media accounts or did your presence slowly evolve?

At the start, nudity was not a dominant presence in my images and videos, although it was implied and quickly evolved to become a strong characteristic of what I embodied online. My confidence grew as I received positive reactions to the content I shared, and while my style was bold from the start, I become more comfortable exhibiting my raw, naked self. It is an honest reflection of my lifestyle, where I prefer to relax in states of nudity. 

Why is nudity important to you?

It is pure, honest, completely natural and effortlessly beautiful. Nudity is comfortable, it is universal. Everything that is materialistic and superficial becomes quite irrelevant when we simply embrace nakedness. I can easily become disillusioned by the pressure and judgement society places on how people dress, but with nudity there is no bullshit. It is simply existing in the most instinctive way we know how. Sexual appeal aside, the features of every human body are so unique and when encompassed it is a truly wonderful sight. I personally find the female physique to be the most naturally beautiful form, a born masterpiece. Nudity is the most organic means of exhibiting this...think back to classical paintings depicting nude women, as goddesses, unashamedly raw it is a timeless portrayal of how the human body is most appreciated through art.

Relaxing in her bedroom– Sydney, Australia. 

As we said, you definitely don't shy away from sex appeal and seem to have a very body positive image. How does this influence your personal sex life and approach to relationships?

I am comfortable and excited by exploring my sexual appeal, but I do not do it to appease or arouse attention from potential partners or those in my personal sex life. In fact, it has little connection altogether. In all honesty, I don't exactly "date" or encourage opportunities for romantic relationships. It is simply not something I am currently seeking; being very ambitious and loving my independence, I feel it would overcomplicate everything I am currently focusing on, especially my travels. However, I have had a couple of relationships in the past, where my partners have fully supported and indulged my sexual expression online. There is no way I could accept anything less! Many of my sexual encounters have occurred between guys I have met online, purely based on mutual physical attraction, I am fully aware it is a very superficial basis to establish a connection. But in all fairness, I've been fortunate enough to have some amazing sexual experiences through this channel, and some of these guys I am remain great friends with to this day. It can be strange that a sexual partner can seem to think they know me, purely from what they have observed online...however, it also establishes a sense of respect and a degree of understanding. In the real world, I rarely meet guys who appear to have any respect for me as an empowered female, and I am wary of being used as a sexual object. In a sense, it seems that when they are aware of my life online, they can almost appreciate that I am self empowered through sex appeal, and I do not need their validation. I suppose my standards and sense of self worth have been significantly raised!

Do you think you are more open about your sexuality and body than the average woman? 

I think I am part of a movement of females liberated from society's conventional ideas about sexuality. Yes, compared to the average women, I am clearly more open to identify with and explore my sexuality, especially to an audience or in the company of strangers. I do not associate nudity or sexuality with shame, which I think the 'average' woman is still often concerned by. Many girls and women have expressed gratitude to me, for helping them appreciate their own bodies and see it from an enlightened perspective. That was not my original intention, as I did not predict I would have the opportunity to reach such a large audience of people, nor did I expect that type of message would be inferred by observing my self expression. These type of comments remind me that many girls and women are still bound to ideals, which equate their worth and respect as females to the modesty, they exercise in showing their bodies. I think this is an incredibly sexist, judgemental and outdated concept which I hope to help overcome.

On an acid trip– New South Wales, Australia 

Online, you have quite a few sexy pictures with other women. Are you into sex with other girls or is it just for the pics?

My friends are all girls and very beautiful and open and accepting of my sexuality. It just happens organically that we might take pictures topless or in various states of undress while getting ready or out together. I enjoy suggestive and provocative poses, but I wouldn't say it affirms that sex itself occurring. It's just girls being comfortable around each other. Sometimes my sister is in these kinds of photos with me and people make all kinds of outrageous assumptions. I find it entertaining because a picture doesn't necessarily show the context and it's interesting how rampant peoples imaginations become, simply trying to explain two girls hanging out or bathing naked. But just for the record, I don't do anything sexual with the girls in these pictures. To me, sexual acts are very different to a sexy photo, and I don't document sexual partners or experiences online, as that is a part of my life I keep private.

Is your confidence on the Internet the same in your day to day life? 

Absolutely! I'm not the kind of person that can fake it and believe authenticity to be of utmost importance. If I were any different in reality, to the way I portray myself online, I would feel like I were living a lie. I apply the same attitudes and principles to my every day life, and find that it takes A LOT more confidence to walk down the street in an attention catching outfit, than it does to share a naked picture online, where there is very limited contact and engagement with the audience. In person, it can be a lot more intrusive to receive a judgemental comment and difficult to ignore invasive stares. But in my mind, I manipulate it to become something I enjoy. I've always received more attention in public than I wanted to, being a tall blonde can feel extremely objectifying regardless of what you're wearing; men in the street will usually turn their head. So I wear whatever the fuck I want, and it makes me feel powerful, untouchable. Whether it is sexually appealing or not, it's the fact that I'm being truly myself and unconcerned by their opinions, which in itself becomes a power trip to me. 

Posing for the camera– Bangkok, Thailand

And how do your ideas about feminism influence your work?

Inherently, I embrace my womanhood and channel my strength as a female, throughout everything I do. I like to think of myself as a free thinking, independent and capable woman who is not afraid of what society thinks of me, eager to explore and experience all facets of the world we live in. I do not adhere to ideals about gender roles, and I make that clear in what I share, placing emphasis on the limitless possibilities for the life of a modern woman. A common misconception is that the sexual imagery sometimes included in my photos are intended to exclusively serve as sexually appealing to men. This is simply not the case, as I personally indulge in experimenting with my sexuality and nudity purely for my own enjoyment and do not receive any benefit from the idea of satisfying men through my online presence. I am also not deterred by the disapproval of men who may find this unattractive or objectionable, as conventional (antifeminist) principles would suggest that I should be concerned about how this would affect my eligibility as a future wife.

Tell us about your followers. 

Well, they are a mixed bag! By observing and interacting, I've come to think of many of them rather as friends than 'followers.' I've met so many people by following each other and experienced some of the most amazing connections with them. It's so cool how they're spread across to all corners of the world, and when I travel to different countries, there will sometimes be people that recognise me and mention they follow me. There are people I already consider friends from online, and we almost always instantly click when we meet; it's just brilliant. The simple fact that my followers are so interested in my life and pay attention to my platform; it's quite bizarre but fascinating to me, and I truly consider these people invaluable. I know the demographic of my followers is incredibly diverse, from twelve year old prepubescent girls in small town America, to middle aged mothers in Australia, and soldiers in the middle east, all walks of people come to observe the minor spectacle that I suppose I am! Sometimes I feel like a lot of people that follow me, don't necessarily like or support me, but are just entertained or view simply to criticise and scrutinise. I don't like feeling judged, so I put it to the back of my mind and don't allow it to trouble or stop me.

Enjoying a hot bath– Koh Chiang, Thailand 

On your photos, you receive a wide variety of comments, everything from beautiful to some very sexual in nature. How do you feel about the feedback you receive? 

It can make me feel all kinds of ways, when I pay attention! The types of comments are often either thoughtful and complimentary, explicitly sexual or an ignorant hater. I read for the kind comments and unfortunately, come across the more unwanted types of commentary at the same time. I genuinely treasure and deeply appreciate every single expression of love and appreciation for me and what I'm doing. It literally makes me feel warm and also extremely blessed! In a sense, I have to be conscious not to refer to them for a sense of validation because of course that can only truly come from ourselves as individuals!

The sexual comments can often serve to frustrate me, as it's obviously mostly horny men and boys who tend to shamelessly degrade me in remarks which indicate no respect and are purely objectifying. Especially when they're super entitled and go so far as to send direct messages like "send nudes" and "show me pussy"... I wouldn't mind castrating those guys. Instead, I just block them and never think about it again! Sometimes taking the chance to educate them on why it is outrageously inappropriate.

Then, there is the haters!! When I first started with everything online, there were so many nasty comments. Back then, it would almost bother me that people felt inclined to direct such negativity towards me for no apparent reason. It was ruthless attacks on features of my appearance and outrageous assumptions about me and my life. The insults were so ugly and the 'slut shaming' was rancid and relentless. A lot of the perpetrators were actually young girls and it made me realise how important it is to fight against the ignorance they are being indoctrinated with from such a young age.

With friend Kaikai– Osaka, Japan 

Is it a lot of pressure to maintain such a huge following? 

It's more about the amount of pressure I place on myself, in general. I have high expectations of what I hope to achieve some day, despite not knowing exactly what I want that to be. The following and profile I have has created endless unexpected opportunities and opened up so many possibilities which I would not want to jeopardise, as it could ultimately lead to anything! For example, I was cast as a supporting lead in a full length independent feature film a little over a year ago. Titled 'Fatal Attraktion', the character was written intended for me to play it, even though I'd never acted before. It was a very interesting and learning experience going outside of my comfort zone and I'll forever treasure the opportunity. 

I think people see value in not only advertising to my following, but the fact that I have forged a quite distinctive identity online, and I am open to taking that anywhere. If I were to adopt a more business minded approach, I could make an income to support myself from it as many others do. That would seriously increase the pressure. But it is more about creative freedom of expression and staying true to myself. I am wary of over analysing what I post, being aware of how widely it can reach is overwhelming to think about.. so it can require a conscious effort to curate based on what I feel or believe rather than what people may want to see/hear.

Have your boyfriends ever been jealous about how open you are with nudity online?

Not that they have dared to mention! I have actually had very few relationships and only one real boyfriend. He was very encouraging of my pictures and nudity online, and I think savoured the fact that I was found so desirable, yet he was the one I was sleeping with and spending most of my time with. He would only get jealous when guys would DM me, seeking to strike up something personal. I'm very loyal, and over time, that was no longer a problem. Meeting guys IRL, I don't make a habit of showing my Instagram or revealing anything about my life online. I enjoy keeping it my little secret and allowing them to get to know me independent of this whole other internet world, so I would tell them when I feel ready. I think trust is a big factor and I'd do what I could to demonstrate that I am faithful and unresponsive to propositions... If that were not enough, I don't think I'd be able to reach a compromise. I think life is too short to be around people who do not support or at least respect and try to understand your decisions!

On an acid trip with her sister– Blue Mountains, Australia 

And how do your parents feel about your IG?

I'm not entirely sure the extent of how much they are aware of it. They are devout Christians and very traditional, and I think they generally find my lifestyle quite immoral. We don't talk about it, and it keeps things a lot simpler. A few years ago, my mother said a friend of hers googled my full name and it led to my tumblr and a few online articles about me. My mother admitted that after viewing it, she cried, and I know she was very sad and confused. I felt guilty at the time, but I've never allowed their objections to stop me from living my own life. My dad insisted that I don't associate anything online to the family name, and I certainly agreed that was a good idea, so, birthed my independent alias, 'Dreamer'. My whole online personality evolved since then... I feel the name truly embodied the way I've always perceived myself and have since been able to push limits with even less concern for repercussions in my personal life.

We are dying to know… what's your secret for staying in shape?

Haha, it's no secret, as anyone can do the things I do! Healthy eating first and foremost, I am a pescerterian and avoid carb heavy foods. It's not too hard because I'm not so into pizza and pasta anyway, but I have such a weakness for sweets! So, I often indulge in dessert and snacks, moderation is everything. I always have three good meals a day, incorporating a green juice and fruits. Then, there is exercise. I started doing squats a few years ago because I wanted to have a toned, fit body. But over time, my work out routine has developed, predominantly because the adrenaline rush and satisfaction is so addictive and like nothing else! It does wonders for mental health also. These days, I do yoga at least twice a week. I try to walk at least half an hour a day, but of course, thats not always realistic. I've just started doing weights at the gym, and I'll often swim and do some laps. I do 200 squats 2-3 times a week, and that's consistently kept me in shape, even as I travel. Also, since I started, my butt has doubled in size. 

At a nude beach– Sydney, Australia

If you had to give girls struggling with body confidence one piece of advice, what would it be?

Embrace your flaws! Fake it 'til you make it. Imperfections are beautiful and what make each of us individually unique. We have one life with these bodies and every moment spent disliking or uncomfortable with it, is time wasted. I used to feel so awkward in my body. I had terrible acne and felt too tall and didn't like my boobs and overall seriously lacked confidence. It was holding me back, and in truth, no one else was focussing on my imperfections like I was. It was all in my head. In this current society, people are so obsessed with the idea of an unattainable perfection, but when girls work with what they have, it is strikingly beautiful. It's brave and admirable. There are so many ways to improve self confidence and become the best version of yourself. Invest in self care, mentally and physically. It will help dramatically to see the beauty from within, exude from the outside and feel the power to achieve self confidence and happiness within oneself. Sorry, I know a lot more than one piece of advice!!

And what is next for you?

I love life to be unpredictable, but I do have some exciting plans for the year! I am currently working on two different collaborations, one with my close friend who is an amazing designer and another is a really cool Australia based artist! They will both be released in the coming weeks. I have also been working to self publish a book, it is a 'coffee table' book of images I have been collecting for over two years. It is a big project with my friends from all over the world contributing, and many of the photos have been taken in various countries in a range of bizarre circumstances and contexts. I'm incredibly eager to launch it, but I am in the stage of putting the book itself together. I aim have it available within the coming months. Upon completing that, I will take off on my next big trip! The plan is a long Euro trip, visiting and experiencing as many countries as I can! Possibly basing myself out of Berlin, I may even go via L.A and Canada, as there a lot of people I really miss and want to see there. I have wanted to travel through Canada for years now, however have been deterred by the comparatively cold climate to what I am used to. If all goes according to plan, I will be chasing an endless summer and my dreams to interact and absorb as much culture and knowledge from the world that I can, hopefully making beautiful connections and a positive impact along the way.

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