12 Reasons Why You Should Put A Jade Egg Inside Your Vagina TODAY

If you weren't already convinced.


We must admit that when popular science publication Goop first suggested we should insert jade eggs into our vaginas to have better sex, we were skeptical. Stick a large, heavy gem inside our bodies? SERIOUSLY? 

The idea is a little something like this: Put the egg in, live your busy life— it can be in there for four to six hours— and then take it out. That’s literally it! As explained in a Goop interview with "beauty guru/healer/inspiration/friend" Shiva Rose, the eggs have a vast array of supposed benefits: "Jade eggs can help cultivate sexual energy, increase orgasm... develop and clear chi pathways in the body, intensify feminine energy and invigorate our life force. To name a few!” 

To name a few, yes, but we still needed a bit more convincing. 

As if knowing we weren't fully converted, Goop just published a follow-up to its original jade egg evangelism titled “12 (More) Reasons to Start a Jade Egg Practice.” And by “practice,” we assumed they mean inserting the egg while binging “Sex in the City” to get more in touch with our feminine energy. The article is a letter-to-the-editor-style response from sexuality coach Lyla Martin, Goop reader and jade egg expert. 

Martin cites additional reasons this egg belongs below the belt such as, “Doing a Kegal is not the same thing as using a jade egg,” and, “The jade egg can profoundly alter sexual health and hormones,” and, “Women who use jade eggs report feeling more feminine, more sexy, more alive, and more connected.”

We walked away convinced. And in case you’re still not, consider this: the egg is Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, and by investing only $55-$66, this crystal egg will give your vagina Paltrow-like super powers. (Or something like that.)

Learn more and purchase the egg here