Is It Time To Ditch Music Streaming Platforms?

A look into the downsides of streaming


Quick, easy, and convenient. With over 300 million users signed up to Apple Music and Spotify steaming music has rapidly become the number one way to listen to your favorite artists. However, is this the best way?   

Although streaming music is an easy way to listen to music there are a lot of negatives that come with that monthly Spotify fee. The main issue with streaming is that artists on all major platforms get paid less than $0.5 per stream. Because of this it's impossible for smaller artists to make a living and to get noticed. 

The solution? Two great ways of supporting artists are by buying physical copies of music such as records or by going to see live shows in your local area. Small artists perform for as little as $5 making it an affordable and fun night out. So why not but a ticket or go out and get yourself a record? Not only will you be supporting artists and your local high street you will be part of the rising trend that is record collecting.  

Whether you are a digital download lover or vintage vinyl obsessed, it is safe to say that artists deserve support for the music they create and that it is maybe time to ditch streaming platforms.  

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