This Is How The iPhone X Is Going To Up Your Selfie Game

Shit is about to get (un)real.


For its tenth – and most expensive – iPhone release, Apple is really pulling the cutting-edge tech out of the bag. Now that the features of the forthcoming model have been unveiled – such as the edge-to-edge display, no home button, wireless charging and advanced facial recognition technology to make you feel like you're literally from the future – there's much to get excited about, especially the way it's going to upgrade our selfie-taking experience. Just saying, but for $999, every picture better be the perfect money shot. Here's the low-down on all the features that'll help you get there.

The Camera

The back camera has been redesigned: a dual 12-megapixel camera with a larger and faster sensor, a new color filter, deeper pixels and improved image stabilization for picture and video clarity. The front selfie camera will be upgraded to seven megapixels: a “TrueDepth” camera which enables the controversial Face ID feature (no need for pass codes or fingerprints). The selfie camera will also feature wide color capture, auto image stabilization, precise exposure control and portrait mode.

Portrait Mode

This is one for the true selfie maniacs. The brand-new Portrait Mode has advanced portrait lighting, bringing studio quality to your selfies. This includes five flattering lighting styles, designed to replicate traditional lighting setups: Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Set Light, and Set Light Mono. You can also alter the focus of your photos like a pro with its DSLR technology – yep, just like a grown-up camera.


Do you have so many selfies with the Snapchat dog filter that people are beginning to worry you've turned into one? You're gonna love this feature. As part of the new iOS 11, we will be able to bring emojis to life using our own faces. The TrueDepth camera scans the face and all of its tiny muscle movements, transferring them to the Animoji expressions – which include a unicorn, panda, alien and the smiley poop (perfect for hangover days when you want to look as shit as you feel).

Selfie Scenes

Boring backgrounds are the bane of the diehard selfie-taker's life – you've snapped a perfectly lit selfie but the pile of pizza boxes and dirty underwear on your bedroom floor isn't exactly the vibe you were going for. But what if you could switch it out for an epic movie set or a dramatic landscape? With Selfie Scenes on Clips you'll be able to do just this, immersing yourself in a selection of 360-degree animated backdrops.


Apple has teamed up with the social media giant to use improved face mapping and augmented reality technology to offer crazily realistic face filters on Snapchat – even reacting to lighting changes in the room. We can't wait to try out the new features for ourselves.

Preview image via Yahoo