Introducing Ulta’s new makeup line Flesh Beauty   

Makeup that redefines “flesh colour”. 


We all love us some Ulta beauty makeup, so it wasn’t a surprise that when ‘Flesh Beauty’ hit the store - it was already a hit in no time. The makeup line is known for its wide range of foundation colours, from the completely pink undertone “froth” shade to “Espresso” made for bluish undertones. We’ve only really seen this with brands such as Fenty Beauty, so it’s exciting to see something more budget-friendly in store for us.  

The foundations shades are supposed to mimic real skin colour – hint at the name flesh beauty – and not just sell tones of one skin colour but all skin colours. As well as that, it tends to leave a very dewy and natural finish on the skin, perfect for those who want their freckles or beauty marks to still show.  

The makeup line which is currently only sold in the US has skyrocketed as customers are loving the ‘natural vibe’ of the line. Celebs such as Busy Philips, Joey King and Chari Howard have all been open about their love for the makeup line, encouraging its multicultural foundation shades. Some of my favourite products of theirs has to be between their eye and cheek “Fleshpot” gloss, which gives off a sexy shine for that perfect French-girl look and their “Ripe Fresh” glisten drop highlighter which goes perfect on cheeks, shoulders and collarbones. Both products are 28$ and under. 


The glossy product which goes on both eyelids and lips, great for a summer look. 

Shop here for $20.

Ripe Flesh Highlighter 

This has to be one of my favourite highlighters, put some on your collar bone and shoulders for that 
perfect night out.

Shop here for $28.

Firm Flesh Foundation

The most known product of the makeup line, which gives you a perfect, matte finish. 

Shop here for $18.

Strong Fresh Lipstick

One of many bold colours that Flesh beauty has - the bolder the better.

Shop here for $18.

Flesh to Flesh Highlighter

Another highlighter which is great for everyday use, as it’s not too flashy and not too plain.  

Shop here for $28.

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