Cash In On Your Instagram With This Nifty Money Calculator

Get rich or die tryin'... to take a danger selfie.


We all know influencers and celebrities are cashing in on Instagram: Selena Gomez, for example, earns around $550,000 per post through product placement and big brand campaigns, proving that discreet, non-corporate, influencer-endorsed advertising is one of the most effective marketing techniques. But if you're working towards becoming an influencer yourself – and actually turning a profit from your content – nailing down the exact monetary value of your posts can be a pretty tough one.

Thankfully, Influencer Marketing Hub has created a handy calculator which figures out how much you should be charging interested companies, taking into account the number of followers, likes and comments on your most recent 12 posts.

However, if your current following is still way too low and you're not about to start taking danger selfies with open-mouthed sharks and the like, you could always consider cheating your way to the top. As Highsnobiety reports, marketing agency Mediakix recently conducted an investigation to prove just how easy it is to cheaply buy your way to 10,000 followers and be considered for influencer marketing programs. It makes us wonder how many successful influencers have fast-forwarded their careers this way, and definitely clears up those baffling but-how-did-this-shitty-account-get-so-many-followers moments.

Try out the earnings calculator here.