Impact Fashion Service POOL Launches In Berlin

You no longer have to own what you just want to wear.


Following a trial period during COVID-19, POOL has launched its fashion service to the public, creating the first shared city wardrobe in Berlin. From summer shorts to winter waterproofs, members can now rent, hold onto and swap their clothes with unbounded freedom.

POOL presents a striking new way of enjoying clothes and a gestalt shift in the way we perceive fashion, offering access to thousands of pieces: membership in place of ownership. It provides the same on-demand service and access we take for granted for music and film, extending the concept to garments and accessories from the world’s most sought-after brands. 

Leading with an environmental and community-first approach, POOL ensures members can effortlessly choose and wear their desired pieces. Members can send a direct message on Instagram, providing a quick, convenient way to arrange deliveries and swaps. Bolstered by a partnership with Dutch e-bike company Van Moof, POOL’s fleet of couriers will arrive within a matter of hours, faster than standard same-day delivery. To avoid the impact of global shipping, POOL is exclusively available to Berliners, lowering carbon emissions and heightening their local connection. Each product is professionally cleaned when returned to POOL, with insurance included to cover normal wear and tear.

Learn more about POOL on Instagram @pool.berlin or their website.

Located in Besselstr. 13-14, 10969 Berlin
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