3 Ideas On How To Wear Combat Boots

Feel free to express yourself.


Combat boots had been believed to be a manly accessory that a woman shall not wear. This stereotype was created as an expression of the fragile femininity of women years ago. However, nowadays this stereotype is set back and women are free to express themselves just the way they really are. Strong women have become the real engine of today’s society and a pair of designer combat boots is a thing to have in your wardrobe. Here are 5 ideas on how to wear them on a daily basis!

1. Combat boots and jeans

This has been one of the most popular combinations in Europe in the past few years. We all have a few pairs of jeans. Whether they are skinny black jeans or light denim mom jeans, this is a perfect fit for your day-to-day activities. Combined with a pair of leather combat boots it becomes a very nice and convenient outfit. These shoes might be different in colour but the black leather has always been the classic and chances are it will be for the rest of the world.


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2. Combat boots and a long skirt 

This combination turned into a massive trend a few years ago. It started in Central Europe and it is getting all over the world more quickly than expected in the beginning. The combination is very comfortable and it fits different occasions. Whether it comes to wearing the outfit in your daily life or on a special occasion when you do not feel like wearing casual clothes, this comes as a savior in your life. The pair can be gentle and simple but you can go bold and match your skirt with more rough shoes with claps. 


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3. Combat boots and a long dress

It may sound like a weird combination but it truly is the thing this year. The trend started a few years ago in the USA and is now getting global, contrary to the past expectations. A long summer/autumn/spring dress goes with nice gentle sandals, according to the conservatism stylings. However, wearing these pieces with a pair of combat shoes makes your outfit urban and convenient for your daily life. This girly look is what you should be looking for in 2022.


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Combat boots may seem hard to combine into your daily life, but what is important is that it is possible and when it comes to contemporary styling, options are endless for you. Heading off the stereotypes is not easy, but wearing combat shoes is now the biggest trend all over the world. Do not miss a chance to try new things and explore your style and possibilities every day!