I Squirted In My Pants During My Gym Class

She’s hurting for a squirting.


It was an ordinary, pretty boring Friday. I finished work, shut down my laptop, and went to the gym for my weekly dose of cardio. Spin class, here I come. 

Actually, I take that back. That Friday wasn’t ordinary and it definitely wasn’t boring. I woke up from a sex dream about one of my fuckboys which inspired me to casually message him. That message quickly turned into sexting, involving some pretty impressive nudes, on both parts. (Yes, I was taking nudes during my office hours. Don’t try this at home but also, highly recommended).

Another fuckboy of mine messaged me a few hours later, so I should give this Friday some credit cause it turned out quite generous to me, actually. I also need to add here that I am currently under a lot of pressure and stress (aren’t we all?), which always significantly turns up my sex drive (and it’s usually quite high, anyway). With all of these fantasies, images, concerns, and anxieties in my mind, I was mincing to the gym pretty horny. Little did I know, though. I only intended to do a spin class. 

On top of that, the spin coach on Friday evenings is maliciously hot. I say maliciously cause I really wanted to mind my own business and do my cardio, nothing else. He reminds me of a guy who I lost my virginity to and since I was lucky enough to enjoy my first time, now I blush anytime I bump into his doppelganger at my local gym. It’s not only his broad shoulders and his charming smile but also, his whole vibe. While my first sexual partner was a salsa instructor at the hotel I was staying at during vacation (yes, I’m this cliché), my spin coach plays exactly the same salsa songs and literally choreographs the whole class. It’s like they shared playlists or something. They’re just too similar.

The coach is also super charismatic and he totally knows how to run a good class. As I mentioned, he has the nicest smile and he motivates really well but at the same time, he’s decisive, resolute, and a little intimidating. Since I finally came out as a proud and kinky sub (but I’m gonna repeat it once again, in case you haven’t heard me loud enough), it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I enjoy his categorical commands and his top energy. Sorry, not sorry.

But I think that the saddle in the spin bike was my last straw. Everyone with a vagina should know what I am talking about. The saddle is pressing against it, whether you like it or not, which evokes the kind of sensation, usually known from the bedroom. I don’t make the rules.

We started the spin class, and, with the salsa soundtrack playing really loud, the coach screaming, images of my fuckboys’ dicks flashing in my mind, deadlines looming, and the paddle pressing on my vagina, I was massively turned on. No, this is not accurate at all. I was literally on the verge of cumming.

Obviously, it was a nice feeling, like it usually is, but understandably, it made me panic as well. I belong to this unfortunate group of loud cummers, so even the thought of doing it at the gym made me properly frightened. I was desperately looking forward to standing up from the saddle which I normally hate because those exercises are unbelievably exhausting. This time though, I saw them as my savers. Three rounds later, though and it was too late. It happened sooner than I even realized.

I fully squirted. In my pants. 

At first, I was embarrassed and terrified but since I’m sharing this story, you can imagine that I’m not anymore. Fair to say, it felt weird because it was so unexpected. I was also quite wet until the end of the class but it was nothing that I couldn’t bear. More importantly, though, I realized that I’m not alone at this party.

Coregasm, cause that’s the professional term for an orgasm induced by physical exercises, is experienced by 23% of women, according to the newest research. Plus, it’s not only women as science claims that anyone can have it. The most frequent exercises associated with coregasm are abdominal workouts, weightlifting, climbing and… yes, cycling. You got me.  

The said coregasm belongs to a larger group scientifically described as spontaneous orgasms. They include wet dreams, they happen during childbirth, they can be induced by certain drugs, or… you got me again, by stress. The statistics here are a bit unclear because the area is underreported. And thinking of my initial state of panic, I’m not surprised. Who would like to share this kind of story?

Well, I would and I proudly am. Although I panicked in the beginning, I don’t think there’s anything wrong or shameful about the way our bodies work. It is actually powerful and beautiful that a high level of pressure can really make us reach our high. And while the gym isn’t exactly the greatest place to do it, it’s not my fault that it happened there. My body knows what’s best for me.

I never heard about coregasm before and I was happy to find a scientific explanation for my squirting experience but I also wouldn’t be me if I didn’t read it my way. I really felt like my body was sending me some sort of signal, though. So, the next day, instead of cardio, I played with myself for a solid hour which felt a hundred times better than a spin class. And this is exactly what my body was asking for. Attention. But not from one or the other fuckboy, not from my coach or my sexual partner from the past. In between deadlines, stresses, appointments, dick pics, boob pics, and spin classes, my exhausted body asked for a bit of attention from myself.


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