How To Use Twitter Like A Professional

An extremely useful and beneficial social media platform for businesses.


Have you only ever thought about Twitter as a social networking app that’s just used for entertainment? Or have you thought about how it might be beneficial to your business marketing strategy but have no idea how to go about that?

Twitter is an extremely useful and beneficial social media platform for businesses to make use of if they utilize it correctly. If you are new to this, the chances are high that you probably won’t know just how useful it can be and the potential it has when it comes to marketing your brand.

You might not know the ins and outs of the app and what you should or shouldn’t be doing to maximize user engagement. In order to use Twitter like a pro, you need to follow a few tips and guidelines that will point you in the right direction. Here are a few tips on how to become a Twitter expert.

Engagement is important

Everyone always looks at the follower count and thinks that this is what success is, however this is definitely not the case. While, yes, it is a good thing to see your follower count going up and up, it will reach a point where it will plateau unless you start to engage with your followers. If you don’t have time for that, check out Tweepi, they are among the few services that specialize in engaging and generating organic follower growth. You can also do this in so many ways yourself, such as liking and responding to comments on your tweets, following those who follow you back and perhaps retweet some of their content, and don’t forget that you should absolutely be responding to as many direct messages as possible.

People love feeling noticed and appreciated, but engaging with them directly, you allow them to have more appreciation for your brand, making them more likely to talk about you to their friends or family, spreading words of your brand.

Use hashtags effectively

It can be easy to think that using as many of the most popular and trending hashtags as possible will get your name or account out there but this is far from what will actually happen. Doing this can come across as spammy and unprofessional, and will most likely divert traffic away from your account because it has linked to irrelevant tags.

When using hashtags for your business make sure to keep it within your niche so as to target the right audience for you content and therefor your business. Finding the right hashtag can be easy but then you need to find a suitable hashtag that is also frequented by as many users as possible in order to maximise your reach.

Alternatively you could just create your own hashtag that is directly linked to your brand. By doing this you make doing account audits much easier by being able to see how many people are interacting with your brand by using your unique hashtag.

Use all methods at your disposal

Twitter started out as a platform where you could only post micro-blog style tweets that were limited to 240 characters per post. While this is not the case anymore, people seem to still be stuck in their old ways of just posting wordy tweets with nothing to go along with it. By doing this, you limit your engagement massively as many people now are more attracted to the colours and graphics of pictures and videos.

Nowadays, Twitter has changed their platform to allow users to share videos, website links, picture, and even gifs. When you are marketing your brand, make use of these aspects and methods that are at your disposal in order to extend your reach to more Twitter users who might be interested.

Have a few guidelines

Most professional business people on Twitter have a list of guidelines that they follow in order to keep their profile in check and looking professional and neat, and keeping with the tone of the brand identity.

This can be done by having a consistent style throughout your Twitter feed, maintaining a specific tone in your tweets, using the most beneficial hashtags to your brand, and even making use of the right emoji’s at the right time.