How to Stay Motivated During Your Weight Loss Journey

There are a few ways you can boost your motivation.


Ask anyone what their personal goals are for the year, and you’re likely to hear a few people say, “losing weight”. Weight loss is an ongoing battle for the majority of the population, and the problem isn’t the weight loss programs themselves, it’s staying motivated.

There are many reasons you may become unmotivated during your weight loss journey. Maybe you aren’t seeing results fast enough, or your chosen program feels too harsh for you. You might be too tired, too stressed, or perhaps life is simply getting in the way.

Regardless of why you’re not feeling excited about your weight loss, there are a few ways you can boost your motivation. By implementing these tips, you are more likely to stick to your weight loss program and see fantastic results.

Choose a weight loss program that works for you

A weight loss program that works for one person may not work for another. It all depends on your short-term and long-term goals, along with your body and lifestyle circumstances. You may not have hours to spend in the gym each day or the time to prep speciality meals in-depth. If you choose a weight loss program that you are unable to commit to, you are setting yourself up for failure from the get-go.

If you are looking for an effective weight loss program that is also convenient, try going for a VLCD to start out with. A very low-calorie diet includes consuming under 800 calories per day, usually in the form of meal-replacement shakes.

You won’t need to exercise heavily on this diet, and it doesn’t take any prep time for food. They provide all the shakes for you, and you can implement this diet for up to 12 weeks. When choosing a VLCD program, check that your diet shakes contain vitamins and minerals that your body needs. A VLCD program will help you stay motivated since you’ll see results very quickly.

If you really enjoy working out in the gym, then you might want to try including HIIT and weight training in your weight loss program. The key is burning more calories than you consume each day and training can help you achieve that. Exercise will also help to boost your metabolism and fat-burning hormones.

Find accountability partners

When you’re on your weight loss journey alone, it is easy to skip days at the gyms and eat junk food since no one is holding you accountable. One of the main reasons people throw in the towel during their weight loss program is due to lack of support. A reliable support system will encourage you to stay strong and keep going every day.

There are a few ways you can build a support network. Firstly, make sure you let those around you know about your weight loss goals. By making everyone aware of what you’re doing, they will be there to support you throughout your journey. It also helps reduce your temptation to indulge in food and drinks that don’t help you with your goals. Friends and family will be sympathetic to your cause and avoid peer pressuring you into eating that chocolate cake when they know your commitment to weight loss.

Another great way to build a support system is by connecting with others who are also on a weight loss journey. Consider joining a support group online or even finding a single accountability buddy. You can encourage each other each day and check in to let the other know how you’re doing. You can also hold each other accountable for reaching your goals.

Set goals and track your progress

If you have no goals, how can you measure your success? If you know that you’re trying to lose weight but have no benchmarks or goals to reach, then you’ll quickly lose motivation. By setting a range of tangible goals and tracking your progress each day, you will begin to see your progress towards attaining them. You can choose what you would like to track, whether that’s your weight, energy levels, bowel movements, BMI or measurements.

Keep a journal to monitor how you’re feeling as well. Record how you’re doing emotionally, physically and psychologically throughout your journey. By making this a daily habit, you’ll stay motivated to keep going and working towards your goals. It’s also a good idea to track your daily meals. You don’t necessarily have to count calories, but by writing out what you’re eating each day, you stay motivated to keep eating healthy meals.

Give yourself rewards

When you meet a goal, hit a benchmark, or simply make it through the week, give yourself a reward that doesn’t include food. Take a day off from the gym and pamper yourself by having a spa day. Take a long bath, get your nails done or buy yourself that new lipstick you’ve been eyeing up. You deserve it. Sleep in a bit longer than usual or have a lazy afternoon with your favourite movies. These rewards, however small, will keep you motivated to reach your next goal, or complete another week of your weight loss program.

Remind yourself why you’re doing it

Whenever you feel like you might be slipping, go back to the “why”. You started this journey for a reason and every time that you feel like you want to give up remember why you started in the first place. Avoid focusing simply on the aesthetic benefits of losing weight, though they are still valid. Go deeper than that. Consider all the other benefits that losing weight will have on your life. There are so many benefits for your health and lifestyle.

Losing weight will make you feel better and live a longer, more fulfilling life. Maybe you can do that hike that’s on your bucket list, or do a 5-kilometre run for a charity you are passionate about. Perhaps you want to fit into your favourite dress again or look great for a friend’s wedding that is coming up. Whatever that reason is for you, make sure to remind yourself daily to keep yourself motivated in those weaker moments.


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