How To Rank #1 For Very Competitive Keywords on Instagram    

SEO requires patience and dedication.


Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users, second only to Facebook in the number of users. What does this mean for your business? Instagram provides opportunities to increase brand awareness and acquire customers. If you already promote your business on Instagram, one of the best ways to grow your exposure and reach is to rank high on Instagram for valuable keywords for your business. Content marketing and search engine optimization have become more challenging in the past two years. Why? Search engine optimization has become more data-driven to help search marketers prioritize the keywords they should target and set up appropriate strategies. In addition, digital competition and increased investment have also had a significant impact. As a marketer, to conquer any keyword you want to rank for, you should take several steps to get the best return on investment. You can even try some of the best sites to get Instagram followers for your profile. Search engine optimization is still effective and not dead. SEO requires patience and dedication to see the results you expect. That said, let’s take a look at the steps to rank for competitive keywords on Instagram.

#1. Identify Competitive Keywords

This step is to identify competing keywords related to your business that you want to rank at the top of the Instagram explore page. Performing a keyword search to identify the most important keywords is an integral part of a successful SEO strategy. You also need to evaluate the right keywords to target and make sure they are relevant, intent-based, and have the potential to drive web traffic or sales. Since you will target competitive keywords, you also need to ensure that you ultimately maximize the return on investment of your time, money, links, and other resources. No matter what industry you are in, competitive keywords abound. These competitive keywords can be initial keywords or long-tail keywords. You can judge by the number of permitted sites for them and their search volume. Researching and evaluating the right keywords takes time but also knowledge and experience. If you take the time to do keyword research, you will end up with a complete selection of keywords to optimize your website. Experience has shown that 100-1000 (or more) relevant keywords are ideal for starting a campaign.

#2. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The first place to start improving your Instagram search ranking is your profile. As a business, there is a keyword that can define your job. That could be your niche, product, or even your name. No matter what keywords potential customers look for when they need your products, they should be in your Instagram name and @username. Therefore, you have a higher chance of ranking for this keyword. After optimizing your business name, you need to optimize your Instagram profile. In short, your profile provides an opportunity to describe your business. You must include primary and secondary keywords in this description. Another option is to add relevant hashtags. After all, tags have a separate tab in search results. That means that some of your potential customers will search for hashtags instead of a word. Using this hashtag in your profile will increase your chances of ranking high in the results. To initially build your profile, you can try out the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

#3. Analyze Your Competition

Once choosing the keywords that you want to target, you move to step two. You should perform a more thorough competitive analysis to see what the currently ranking sites are doing. Common elements to survey when doing a competitor analysis are: 

title tags, meta descriptions, H1 heading tags, common keywords used, page authority/external links pointing to the page, content length, and page speed.

Running a competitive analysis on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a keyword will allow you to understand what elements are vital to rank your piece of content. 

#4. Visualize Your Content

Any content strategy should start with the topic on the base content. To conceptualize this, you must consider a clear goal when creating and publishing content. Some people believe that to get thousands of visits a month, you must keep producing new content. However, posting once a week to keep the content relevant and timely is a good rule of thumb. More importantly, look for consistency and continuity of content, preferably covering one or two areas, rather than covering all at once. That is why creating a holistic content marketing strategy that relies on identifying and understanding end-user motivation has become the new norm. If the content meets requirements, it is worth sharing, and Instagram will notice. 

#5. Create Your Content and Analyze It

Content marketers know that creating content is more difficult than you initially thought. Focus on creating content that you are proud of and content that you believe your audience will like. Your content must not only be pictures or page content. Start thinking outside the box through videos, infographics, reels that can also be optimized. By focusing on other types of content, you can increase engagement on Instagram. After publishing content, make sure to schedule a time to come back and see how you performed on Instagram. 

Content marketing and search engine optimization have become more challenging. Yet, there are many things you can do to get great results. Before writing content for success, take a moment to analyze the keyword competition and the competitive landscape. Then build your content and promote it to see the best natural results.