How to Organise a Casino-themed Party

Exciting and profitable ways to entertain yourself.


Gambling and casino life are becoming a mainstream form of entertainment for many people around the world, offering exciting and profitable ways to entertain yourself, there’s no reason many people are looking to run casino-themed parties. But what exactly do you need for a casino-themed party?

In today's article, we take a look at exactly what you need, how you can set up, and how to run a casino-themed party throughout the duration of the celebration. Let’s jump straight into it. 

What does a Casino-themed Party look like?

Casino-themed parties are exactly what you might imagine one to look like. When you go into a casino, you get immediately met with that casino culture and atmosphere, where everyone is dressed nicely, plenty of food and drink and a wide range of casino activities.

We understand that people are limited within their own homes to make the perfect casino-themed party, so this all needs to be scaled down but can be done in a number of ways. Some things you should consider for the aesthetics should be;

  • Correct locations for activities. 
    • This means that if you have a roulette table or blackjack table - don’t just put everything on it, make sure it’s open and available for people to play on whilst you prepare other parts of the party.


  • Clean Party Room
    • Making sure everything is clean and tidy will not only make your party attendees feel better but will also let them enjoy themselves more, without having boxes falling on their heads! Don’t pick your basement if it’s full of damp and bad smells, it’s not good for your guests, or yourself! 


  • Available Facilities
    • Ensuring that toilets, drinks, food and other amenities are available for your guests can be the difference between a perfect casino-themed party and a dull, and quite-frankly boring night. Ensuring you have this will make your party so much better! 


  • The Correct Attire
    • Making sure you or your guests are suited and booted for the casino-themed party can be part of the party but shouldn’t be a requirement. If the party is casual, allow people to dress in whatever they want! 

These are just some of the things you should keep an eye out for when shopping for, or planning your casino-themed party. Something else you may want to look at is looking to hire a professional entertainment team or table staff to help with your guest's bets should you want it to be like the real thing. 

What do you need for a Casino-themed Party?

So now that we know what a casino-themed party looks like, what do you actually need to get the party started? Well, it depends on how big your party space is. If you’ve got quite a bit of room to work with, you could use separate rooms or areas of the same space for different games, a small bar and maybe some sitting and lounging areas, however, we will write this guide based on a relatively small space like a garage.

You will need a few things depending on where and how you envision your casino-themed party being like. These include;

Food and Drink

When playing in a casino, many people love some beverages and even some snack-like food, so when you plan out your casino-themed party we strongly suggest that you get your attendee's needs and stock up on their favourite drinks and snacks to enjoy throughout the night.

Games and Activities

What’s a casino night or party without casino activities? Make sure you have the games you want to play such as roulette (ball and wheel, maybe some chips), blackjack (cards and chips) and any other games you may want to use. You can use online slot machines too which could help with this, but expect to be paying out a large chunk as these often are made to pay well! 

Rather than playing against each other, or with fake money - why not consider some of the most popular online casinos and all chip in a small portion to see if you can win big together?


Make sure you and your players have access to restrooms and air if they need it, because although gambling can be fun, sometimes people need to take a small break to recoup themselves before returning, this could be the difference between a good and a bad night, so ensure these facilities are available! 

How should a Casino-themed Party be set up?

Depending on how you want to set up your casino-themed party, you may be able to hire an entertainment venue, or even a casino depending on your budget and allow for professionals to run the show for you. This could be beneficial but does come at a cost and may often feel too professional.

If you do prefer to do things yourself, you should make a small agenda for your players to know where and when things will be. This doesn’t only help people stay focused and entertained but also gives people an excuse to avoid the games that people don’t like! This is just one thing you can do when planning out the setup of your casino-themed party. 

What requirements should you ask from your attendees?

When you have people attending, you should be aware of what they need, and what they expect from your casino-themed party. In some cases, if your guests are from a certain religion they may not even like the casino aspect, however, if they can overlook this - be careful with alcoholic drinks, or foods that may be against their religion.

Other than that, if you’re looking to have fun but chilled night, then your guests may want some certain foods or drinks but this can be done a few days or weeks before you actually run the party night. If you want a dress code - you should let them know as soon as possible so they can make arrangements if required. 


One last thing to consider is that parties are meant to be enjoyed and fun. Making sure that your casino-themed party is both fun and exciting for you and your players, will make all the difference when planning and executing your ideal casino party! Let us know how you did and if it worked well for you, we’d love to see your casino-themed parties!