How To Channel Moon Energy

Moon water is the new cleanse


Sailor Moon has moon power on her side and now so can you!

As the next super moon approaches this evening take advantage of the powers it'll bring and create your own moon water.

We all know that the moon works in mysterious ways; controlling the oceans along with peoples emotions but have you considered channelling the moons energy? Moon water does just that!

Moon water is distilled water that has been charged under the light of the moon. The liquid can be infused with incense, sage and even crystals.

This ancient practice was done by many around the world as a ritual or part of ones beauty routine.

The water is said to absorb lunar energy which will help heal and revive your spiritual body whilst tapping into your subconscious emotions.

How to Create Moon Water

Step 1

Get yourself a container that has been cleansed with smoke from your incense or sage. 

Step 2

Pour water into the container and place it in a spot where moonlight will reach it. 

Step 3

You can add edible herbs/flowers to your water and even crystals, allowing them to be charged by the lunar energy.

Step 4

Either aloud or in your head, repeatedly speak your affirmations and intentions into the water to bless and set your intentions.

Step 5

Leave overnight and when morning comes you'll have a fresh glass of moon water ready for you!

But what do you do with it next? Some would bathe in it or drink it, but since it's water you can use it for any task that requires such.

There are some rules/guidance to creating moon water. Full moon water invites fresh new energy and helps us to let go of things that no longer serve us. New moon water aids in charging positive affirmations and intentions towards growth.

It's advised that you avoid making it during an eclipse as the energy of the lunar nodes overpowers the moon's potent phases, which are used to make moon water.

In the words of Sailor Moon "In the name of the moon, i will right wrongs and triumph over evil" with the aid of moon water.


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