How To Keep Your Skin Healthy While Travelling

Perform a simple routine.


Traveling can be absolutely great fun, especially when done with friends, family or that special someone. Many people seem to be traveling these days, especially when compared to about a decade ago, and it is probably due to the fact that is has become much cheaper. In addition to the cheaper prices, there are tons of plans and packages out there to suit every need.

Whether it be country hopping and staying in hostels, to honeymoon packages and beautiful lodges or hotels which include planned activities. However, most people tend to plan their travels in summer since traveling in winter is not the most fun. The frustration for many is that the summer heat can cause a lot of problems for the skin, and this is also true for the weather during winter. It can be quite difficult to look after your skin while traveling, thankfully here are a few tips on how to keep your skin healthy while doing just that.

Always use sunscreen and moisturizer

Soaking up the sun on a beach in a different country can be a great experience, however, not so much for your skin. The heat of the sun can cause a host of problems, especially for those prone to acne.

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can increase redness and inflammation, as well as causing your acne to flare up. In addition to this, if you are taking any acne medication, that can also make your skin more sensitive to the sunlight causing sunburn.

Using a moisturizer is also a great idea since the heat will dry out your skin and increase the likelihood of a breakout, or worse yet, dry skin can lead to the overproduction of oil which will clog your pores and cause a breakout. There are even products like Misumi’s all day moisturizer which includes SPF 30 so you don’t have to use multiple products.

Perform a simple routine

While on vacation or traveling, you would naturally have limited time and would have planned to do as many activities as possible. That makes it difficult to maintain a proper skincare routine. A solution to this is to just perform a simple routine that won’t take too much time.

The best idea, if you could only do one thing, is to use a cleanser. During the day, dirt, bacteria, pollutants and a host of other things build up on your face, which in itself is bad. What’s worse is that when you sleep, you would toss and turn which creates friction; this means you are rubbing all of those things into your face and irritating the skin.

It’s also a good idea since you might potentially be sleeping on bedding that hasn’t been properly cleaned.

Try not to use hot water

This tip can apply to anyone, but those who have particularly sensitive skin shouldn’t use hot water when traveling. This is because the water in the country you’ve traveled to is probably different from the water at home, and may contain different minerals and chemicals.

Because of this change, your skin might become irritated which could cause a breakout. In addition to this, you may find that the water actually dries your skin out more, and when you combine that with the heat the country may have, it’s a recipe for disaster.

In would be advisable to use cold water, or to use bottled water if possible, just for the washing of your face. It would also be advisable to not use the hotel soaps, because those could also dry your skin out.

Consider the climate

When you have picked the dream destination for your travels, you should do research and find out what the climate is like. This is important because it will influence the products you take with you, and also the things you should do to protect your skin. Hot climates would need a lot of sunscreen and moisturizer, or sunscreen and a cleanser.

If you are traveling to a cold climate, try not to use hot showers or baths as these will remove the moisture from your skin. The cold winter wind and dry indoor heating will do this too, so it’s recommended that you at least take a moisturizer with you.

You could also try to plan activities around the weather; so, if the climate is cold and the weather is windy, try to plan something indoors.