How to Get a Great Deal on Your Car Insurance (At Any Age)

What steps can you take to make savings.


We all know that car insurance can get expensive, but did you also realize that it’s possible to find affordable cover whether you’re a new driver, a veteran behind the wheel, or even someone with a blemish or two on their record.

So what steps can you take to make savings, and what changes are the most impactful in terms of keeping insurance costs cheap?

Knowing what factors impact insurance costs is important

Some things about you can’t be changed, and your age is one of them. It’s a reality that younger drivers pay more for insurance on average, but you can still think about other factors that insurers use to calculate prices to drive down costs.

Most obviously, the car you drive makes a difference. Running a powerful car as a youngster isn’t a good move if money’s tight, for example. Doing so will lumber you with steep insurance premium prices, as well as a bigger bill at the gas station.

Your credit score also matters in many states. If you’re young and you don’t have much of a credit history, working to improve this by paying off loans, keeping up with credit card repayments and generally being responsible is worth it for this reason, among others.

What about car insurance after a driving offense conviction?

If you’ve been convicted of a driving-related offense, then you might assume that getting a good deal on insurance is basically impossible.

Luckily you can still save cash, even if your quotes will come in at a higher price point, if you use sites like CheapInsurance, where you can get the cheapest SR-22 insurance offers from top providers.

The SR-22 form is used in many places to signify that you’ve got the legal minimum cover needed for someone with a driving conviction. It’s still a competitive marketplace, so comparing quotes is a way to cut costs.

Driving less makes a difference

It’s often tough to work out what elements have the biggest impact on how much car insurance costs when getting a quote, but one aspect that undeniably changes things a lot is your annual mileage.

The more miles you cover behind the wheel each year, the more likely it will be that you’ll get into a collision, which in turn means insurers will charge you more because they’re taking a bigger risk by having you as a customer.

On the other hand if you only use your car occasionally, for essential trips that you can’t make any other way, you can mention this when sourcing quotes, and average prices will be lower. You have to be honest about this, of course, as using inaccurate information could invalidate your insurance if you need to make a claim.

Remember that there are other ways to get around than using a car, even if you’re moving house. So your vehicle doesn’t have to be your go-to mode of transport, especially if you want to live more sustainably.

Combo policies are a savings nirvana

You don’t just have to buy car insurance on its own, as many providers will let you roll this into a bundle with other types of cover.

You could insure your home, get travel insurance or even get a policy to cover more than one vehicle in the same household.

This will be more convenient as well as more cost-effective, so don’t feel down in the dumps about car insurance if it’s costing you a bomb at the moment, because savings are just a few clicks away!