How To Find the Right Pair Of Sunglasses For Someone Else

Find something that they are going to like, need and hopefully use.


Gift giving is not always the easiest task. You want to find something that they are going to like, need and hopefully use. This is where a pair of sunglasses can step in and save the day.  Living in a sun drenched country like Australia means that we see the sun almost daily, and even if we don’t see it behind the clouds, we know those pesky UV rays are still out – which makes eye protection essential for everyone. Whether you’re buying for a friend, parent, or a child, sunglasses are a necessity for everyone.

So now you know that sunnies are the way to go, how do you go about finding the right pair for someone else?  With countless brands, designs, styles, and colours out there, it can feel a little confusing. But have no fear, the team at Great Southern Sunnies have some tips on the things to think about when choosing a pair of sunglasses for someone else.

The Shape of Their Face

Of course, you want your sunglasses to look and feel good – but you also want to offer maximum protection to the person who is going to wear them.  This is where the shape of their face is really important to think about.  While there really are no limits on who can wear what, there are some styles of sunglasses that suit some face shapes better than others.

If your friend has a round face, a rectangular shaped pair of sunnies is often very complimentary. Square shaped faces then to suit rounder, or curved edge sunglasses, while a square shaped frame tends to suit diamond shaped faces. And for those lucky oval shaped faces, they tend to suit most shapes, but really shine in a cat’s eye pair of sunnies.

Like we said, we want them look good, but you also want the best fit possible, and the styles that tend to suit the face shapes we mentioned above also tend to provide the best fit for the wearer as well.  The better the fit, the better the protection from potential sun damage to the eye area.

What is their purpose?

Does your friend play a lot of sport, or work outdoors?  Do they spend a bit of time on the water? Or are they a bit of a snow bunny?

While sunglasses can be the perfect accessory to finish off an outfit, or show off your style, the most important feature of a pair of sunglasses is the protection they can offer for everyone’s eyes.  Sunnies are the perfect gift because everyone can use them. Have a think about whether your gift recipient is outdoorsy, or into a particular sport or activity, because there are many pairs of sunglasses with a specific purpose in mind.

If they are always at the beach or on the water, consider a polarised pair of sunglasses, this will help cut the glare caused by the sun and water.  As well as the polarisation of lenses, different coloured lenses work wonders in different environments, whether it’s the snow, on water, riding motorbikes, the different coloured lenses available, with these places in mind, will provide visual clarity for the person wearing the sunnies.

In addition to the types of lenses for different purposes, there are different shapes and styles that suit some activities – wraparound sunglasses are great for those who are very active, like runners and cyclists (as well as heaps of other sports) because they will offer a wider range of coverage, all while staying put during activity, thanks to extra grip made for sweaty conditions.

But remember, you don’t necessarily need a specific purpose like the above, they can just be an everyday pair.  And with the huge range of sunglasses available, you will be able to find a pair that will suit anyone while offering them maximum protection - you don’t need to compromise on safety with most reputable brands offering full 100% UV protection.

Do they have any preferences?

There are so many brands and designers out there who make so much more than just sunglasses.  From luxury design boutiques who make clothing, perfume and make-up to quality streetwear and surf brands whose ranges extend into sporting equipment.  BY taking note of some of their brand preferences for other things, you might be able to catch a hint of a brand or style that really resonates with them.  Do they have handbags or purses from one particular brand, or have you only ever seen them wear one style of sunglasses before?  Is there a style or shape of sunglasses they have leant towards?  It can be easier than it seems to hone-in on people’s preferences, just look and listen carefully.

Something else to keep in mind when thinking about their preferences is any sentimental thought or values they may have.  Many brands support different causes, and if your friend is particularly passionate about something, it might be worth looking into the ethos of some of the brands you’re considering.  This shows a lot of thought and effort has gone into your decision making.

Their Fashion Style

While this might seem similar to preference, we’re talking more about their dress sense and fashion style here, but the two certainly go hand in hand.  Think about the way they dress, do they have a well-defined style, are they a surfer dude, or perhaps a skater girl, do they dress more elegantly, minimalistic and simple, or are they a bit more quirky and unique?

The way someone dresses is a really good way to help work out what pair might work for them.  For example, if they are a bit sportier, or even like to keep it simple with jeans and a t- shirt, a pair of aviators would work well because they scream ready for action, but depending on the colour, they can also offer a stylish way to complete a simple look.

Keep in mind many styles can suit many different people when you’re thinking about their fashion sense – take the wayfarer for example, this versatile pair can suit almost anyone, from a classic black pair suiting the businessperson in their smart casual work outfit, to bright coloured pair suits someone a little edgier

Take inspiration from their icons

Is there someone that your friend is a big fan of?  With celebrities being key drivers of trends all around the world, this can be a good place to look to see what might work for the person you’re buying for.  If there is someone your friend looks up or is inspired by, particularly fashion wise, this can be a good indication, but it’s also a good place to look for any new trends and styles that might get your friend ahead of the fashion curve.  You can also look for a celebrity that may remind you of them, whether it’s look or style, where you might be able to take some cues for what works for them and might work for the person you’re finding a pair for.

A pair of sunnies is a great gift option for anyone – there is nothing better than a gift that not only looks good (and makes you look good) while also serving a practical purpose. Sunglasses are a necessity for all ages, and while at first glance, it might seem like finding a pair of sunglasses for someone else might be tricky, all you need to is take a step back and have a think about the things Great Southern Sunnies has talked about today – it will definitely get you on the right path to finding the right pair of sunglasses for someone else – and if you’re looking for more inspiration head on over to their online retail store for some more inspiration.

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