How To Deal With Pandemic Stress And Anxiety

For many people, anxiety and stress have either set in or got even worse.


While things are looking up in terms of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is still a long way to go and as it continues, the novelty of working from home or staying in and finding new sources of entertainment has worn off and for many people, anxiety and stress have either set in or got even worse. It’s not just anxiety and stress surrounding the virus, but there’s also anxiety about going back to normal when this is over - whatever normal is. There is a huge fear of the unknown as well as a panic about staying in the same situation we have been in for the past year. However, with no control over the situation, there isn’t a lot you can do apart from managing your stress and anxiety - but how do you do that?

Take it at your own pace.

Depending on where you live, there will be different restrictions and rules at different times, but what’s important to remember that if you’re not ready to go out to the shops yet or you don’t want to go out for a drink in a pub or even to a friend’s house, then you don’t have to go. Take things at your own pace because this is something that you can control and so take your time and do what feels right for you.

Try alternative practice

When dealing with stress and anxiety, medication can be really helpful. But again if you’re worried about going to the doctor or you’d rather find a different way of medicating yourself then you could have a look at other methods such as crystal healing, self-massage, or products from which can all be really helpful when things get too much. It's important that you take time for yourself to treat yourself and to slow down and acknowledge your feelings.

Stay connected with people.

When things are getting on top of you, it’s important that you don’t keep it to yourself. Talking to people and reaching out to those who are probably feeling the same is priceless. Even if you feel like withdrawing from others, try to battle that feeling and maintain your healthy relationships as this is so important for your mental wellbeing. While it’s difficult to meet up in person right now, video calls and social media are there, so make the most of them. What’s great about the internet too is that if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your loved ones about how you’re feeling, you can find a stranger to listen to you and even to give you advice. 

Take care of yourself

When you take care of yourself physically by eating healthily and exercising regularly, it has a positive impact on how you feel mentally. Make sure that you’re doing simple things such as drinking plenty of water, getting out for regular walks, and eating plenty of vegetables. If you can, then take some time to do an online workout at home or get out for a run. It will make you feel so much better and help to manage your stress.