How To Calm Down With Topical CBD Products

Enjoy them during a moment of calm.


There's a multitude of CBD-enriched products on the market, which can make finding the perfect one for your needs a bit of a challenge. One of the most popular forms of CBD is topical products, as people can enjoy them during a moment of calm. If you wish to discover more and how you can find your moment of peace with topical CBD, then keep reading.

What is CBD?

For those individuals that aren't familiar with CBD yet, here's what you need to know. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that you can find in the cannabis plant, which is also referred to as the hemp plant. Inside this plant is plenty of other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. One of the most famous psychoactive cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to its intoxicating nature, there can only be trace amounts of THC in any final product. CBD, on the other hand, can be widely used due to it producing no such effect. 

There are three spectrums of CBD, and it's important to understand their distinctions before you make a purchase. CBD isolate is a pure CBD, meaning there are no other cannabinoids or compounds included. Full-spectrum CBD extract contains all of the natural compounds from the cannabis plant, as well as trace amounts of THC. Finally, broad-spectrum is similar to full-spectrum but doesn't contain THC. 

Each spectrum comes with its own range of benefits. For example, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum may allow you to access the entourage effect. This is where the compounds work together in synergy to produce better effects. CBD isolate can make a great product for beginners to CBD and also those who are regularly drug tested. Don't forget to spend some time and do your own research into what best suits your needs before making a purchase.

What is Topical CBD?

Topical CBD refers to a group of CBD products that are applied to your skin. This means that the CBD is absorbed into your skin receptors as opposed to your bloodstream. There is a range of topical CBD products to choose from, such as creams, lotions, ointments, massage oils, bath bombs and more. 

As the cannabidiol is absorbed into the skin, it will take longer than CBD oils or vapes. It's generally agreed that you will be able to feel the effects within 90 minutes. When it comes to dosing topical CBD, consider the strength of the CBD and other individual factors like your height, weight, metabolism and more. Begin with just a small amount and work your way up as needed.

Top Tips for Calming Down with Topical CBD

Here are some of our main tips for promoting an atmosphere of calm.

CBD Massage

CBD massage oil is an extremely popular product, as it lends itself perfectly to relaxation. There is a wide variety of types of massage, such as sports massage and Swedish massage, meaning that you can use the product to suit your needs. For example, a sports massage will apply more pressure in comparison to the gentle massage style of a Swedish massage. You can enhance your massage by lighting candles, playing soft music and using reed diffuser scents. The act of massage can be a bonding exercise for you and your partner or loved ones. Be sure that you communicate your needs with them clearly.

CBD Bath

Nothing sounds more calming than a warm, CBD-infused bath following a long day. There are so many different scents of CBD bath bombs that can add both a calming scent and beautiful colours to your bathtub. There are also other things that can add to your relaxation, such as lighting candles, playing your favourite music or reading a book. We're sure that you'll never want to get out! Make sure that you follow the instructions for the particular product you purchase.

Before Sleep

Rubbing your favourite CBD cream or ointment into your body approximately one hour before you go to sleep can be soothing and calming. While you allow the topical CBD to become fully absorbed, you can engage in acts of self-care, such as journaling or meditation. This will help to place you in a calm state of mind before you attempt to fall asleep for the night.


You can also find many lotions and face masks infused with CBD that you can use as part of your skincare routine to soften your skin. While you place the lotion onto your skin, you could give your face a massage to help promote blood flow and relaxation. There is also a very discreet yet convenient option, such as CBD patches, which allow users to get their desired dose of CBD without the need to consume or rub the product.

Final Thoughts

Topical CBD products can be the ideal way to help you calm down. Applying the topical products onto your skin can be a calming and soothing act itself! So, why not enjoy a CBD massage oil to help provide relief and relaxation? Or you could run yourself a calming bath that's been enhanced with a CBD bath bomb. Remember to carefully research before you buy your CBD topical to ensure that it's up