8 Tips On How To Become A Positively Empowered Woman

Who runs the world?


In the last few years, the media has been hooked on to showcasing strong, powerful women, who almost make themselves seem unreachable. Yet, becoming empowered isn’t as unrealistic and hard as it may seem. Empowerment isn’t just confidence, it’s about the actions we take to achieve who we can be.

Here are 8 small tips to help you along the way, and make you feel like the empowered woman you can be:

#1. Know who you are and what you want

Many women today often lose a sense of who they are with the aim of filling roles: wife, mother, co-worker. Instead, it’s important to realize who you are as a person and exactly what you want and need for yourself, before trying to become the person anyone else wants you to be. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses places you in a position of power, as no one should know you better than you know yourself.

#2. Be independent and take charge of your own life

Being able to be happy on your own, whether living alone or asking for a table for one at a restaurant really shows how comfortable you are as a person. Knowing that you aren’t dependent or reliant on anyone else, and you are strong enough to face anything alone is an empowering feeling. Not only will this let you take charge of your goals and aspirations for the future, but being independent will also let you know yourself better.

#3. Support and empower others

Relationships with other empowered women are key. Feminism is all about equality and that means support for those around you. Becoming a better person, and feeling more empowered starts from within, but there’s no reason it can’t spread out.

#4. Stand up for yourself and learn to say no

Empowered women prioritise, and sometimes that means putting yourself first rather than being taken advantage of. It’s impossible to do everything for everyone, but taking control of what you can do and what you want to do leads to empowerment, and it all starts with knowing when to say no.

#5. Realize that appearances don’t always matter

For many women, appearances matter far too much. Thanks to the media, there’s often an unrealistic expectation that women feel they are forced to achieve, but the reality is that nobody, not even the women in glossy magazines with perfect teeth and airbrushed skin, is perfect. Believing in yourself is far more important than believing in an unrealistic expectation of what you think you should look like.

#6. Seize opportunities

Perhaps the most important opportunity to seize is that of always learning, and trying new things, as education leads to self-confidence and development, and therefore empowerment. Taking the initiative to teach yourself a skill or battling a fear of trying something new adds to the smart woman that is the empowered woman, and she is one that puts herself out there and takes risks.

#7. Stay positive

As the time-old saying goes: healthy mind, healthy life. Even in the toughest of times, positive thoughts can really help, just by changing your attitude and therefore your actions. Telling yourself that you are an empowered woman is the key to becoming one.

#8. Dream big

No goals are unattainable if you really try, so why should you let yourself settle for something when you know you can do better? Having goals and aspirations in mind and then working to achieve them will lead to you feeling empowered, as you take control of your life and focus on your own goals. Once you know what you want in life, you know you’re more than capable of accomplishing it.


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