How Influencers Get More Followers On TikTok

Here are a few things you might want to try.


Have you ever wondered how social media influencers have managed to become so popular so quickly? Are you curious as to what they do in order to gain the attention of so many people and then keep it?

It’s no secret that a lot of influencers on TikTok become popular almost overnight because of a video of theirs that had gone viral. But this is not the only way the influencers come about, as some people buy views from sites like TokUpgrade with great success. If you have ever tried to use TikTok you would have noticed just how many content creators there are and probably wondered how influencers were able to become so successful in such a strange manner and possibly even wondered if it was possible for you to become one. For influencers, creating content for TikTok is on par with what we regulars would consider a job, and there are methods that are employed to enable these people to making a living from this.

If you want to live the lavish influencer lifestyle, or at least just have as many followers as one of them, here are a few things you might want to try.

Know your audience


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The very first thing that an influencer does is identify who their target audience it, and this is something that you should try to do too. Knowing your audience is crucial when it comes to deciding on what kind of content to create and how to market that content through hashtags to your target audience.

Know what their interests are or what kind of things appeal to them enables you to specifically design content that it directed towards then, rather than just making a mash of things that you might enjoy but don’t really suite one style or niche, making it confusing to users to understand your objective.

Don’t be late to trends



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TikTok is built on trends. You can’t scroll more than 3 videos at very most without seeing a video that is connected to a viral video, trending challenge, or popular dance video. TikTok is very much based on community and feeling connected to each other through the content created. By taking part and participating in viral trends and challenges you allow yourself and your brand to become one with the TikTok community and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Trends can move in and out of popularity extremely quickly meaning that if you do decide to partake in them you should film and post them on the same day that you see them, if you leave it for too long the trend might be long gone and your video will be out of place and awkward.

Use hashtags


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Across all social media platforms, the hashtag is the most underrated and misused tool that is offered to users. Hashtags can be extremely beneficial to anyone looking to grow their account and increase their follower base as it allows to you to reach a much larger audience who are looking for specific videos using specific keywords as hashtags. By adding hashtags to your posts you allows your account to become more discoverable and, expand your reach and keep you trending.

Have a posting schedule


i do the most for my daily walk

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Without a doubt, every influencer you have come across on TikTok has some or other form of posting schedule that they post according to and is dependent on their followers and follower engagement. This is because TikTok is a social media platform is utilized worldwide and across all different time zones, meaning that not all people are online at the same time. By having a posting schedule you allow yourself to post at the right time every day in order to reach the maximum amount of people within the first 10 to 15 minutes of posting. This will take a bit of practical research by posting content at different times of the day and seeing which times work the best for you.

It is important to remember that the lifespan of a TikTok video is not very long at all so you should aim to post multiple times a day, on a schedule, in order to maximise your potential to reach the largest possible audience.

By adding all of this into your TikTok “routine” there is great potential for your account to see drastic growth.