How Adele Gave her Fan the Engagement Story of a Lifetime

Im not crying, your crying.


On November 15th Adele performed her Adele: One Night Only concert live on TV. Midway, she stopped the show and asked the audience to be quiet. The lights were lowered and Quetin, a local fan of Adeles, walked on stage with his soon to be fiancé Ashley, wearing a blindfold and noise cancelling headphones. 


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As Ashley removes the headphones and mask, she sees Quentin on one knee and an audience beside her. The look on her face is priceless as she is asked "Will you Marry me?" Adele then walks out and begins singing her iconic cover of Make you Feel My Love as Ashley and Quentin join the audience next to Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy with glasses of champagne. 

Adele had helped organize the moment and helped make it unforgettable but not only for Ashley but for everyone in the audience.  

The proposal is incredibly beautiful, and you can check it out below: