Housewife Empowers with Self-Directed "King of Wands" Music Video

Toronto indie-rock outfit celebrates women's power and solidarity in visuals.


Toronto-based indie-rock band Housewife has just released their latest single, "King of Wands," along with an empowering self-directed music video. The video, which premiered exclusively on Under The Radar Magazine, celebrates women's intuition, spirituality, and solidarity - the very things that empower women and help them thrive in the face of patriarchy.

Lead singer and songwriter Brighid Fry, who goes by the moniker Housewife, shared their excitement about directing the video. They described the experience as "cool" and revealed that it was their directorial debut. Despite being new to directing, Fry embraced the opportunity to bring the song's political message to life through the visuals. They expressed some nerves but praised the supportive crew who helped them along the way.

At just 20 years old, Brighid Fry, who uses she/they pronouns, is already making waves in the Canadian music scene. Housewife's indie rock sound is infused with a timeless quality and thought-provoking songwriting. The band has garnered recognition with multiple independent Canadian music awards, and their recent EP, 'You'll Be Forgiven,' received acclaim from esteemed publications.

Housewife's music often delves into the experiences of being a young, queer, assigned female at birth person in a male-dominated industry. Through their music, Fry explores these themes and sheds light on important issues. They are also an active advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ rights, reproductive freedom, and environmentalism. As a founding member of the Canadian chapter of Music Declares Emergency, Fry actively fights for immediate government action to protect the environment from ecological disasters.

To immerse yourself in the infectious sounds of Housewife, you can listen to "King of Wands" on all major streaming platforms. The song captures the essence of the band's message and showcases their signature indie rock style. And if you want the full experience, be sure to check out the music video on YouTube, where the powerful visuals bring the song's message to life.

If you're eager to catch Housewife live, they have some upcoming tour dates. On July 1, they will be performing at the Sebright Arms in London, UK, alongside Human Interest. Additionally, they'll be appearing at the Sommo Festival in Cavendish, PEI on July 15, and at Daniel's Alehouse in Sydney, NS on July 16. For those in Elora, ON, mark your calendars for August 18, as Housewife will be gracing the stage at Riverfest Elora. Tickets for all these dates are available for purchase.

Housewife's music and activism make them a standout in the indie rock scene. With their thought-provoking lyrics and dedication to important causes, they continue to make their mark and inspire others along the way. So, plug in your headphones, stream their latest single, and don't miss the opportunity to catch them live if they're performing in your area.