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Holographic Hair Is Really A Thing, And It's Going Instagram Viral

Would you try out this fairy hair?


When it comes to trends, 2017 has been the year of futuristic meets unicorn chic. We've seen everything from holographic lipstick to unicorn sneakers, and now, unsurprisingly, some magical colorists have also found a way to make your locks look mystical and enchanted.

There’s a new trend on the scene known as “holographic hair,” and it’s just as hypnotizing as it sounds. According to HelloGiggles, a hair and color stylist from Ross Michaels Salon mixed a whole host of colorful Pravana shades, including Violet, Luscious Lavender and Blissful Blue, along with Olapex to lock in a blonde hue. The result? Seriously dynamic hair that’s translucent yet vibrant all at the same time— it really does look like a hologram! Already, the look is going viral on Instagram. There’s a flurry of social media posts with people showing off their freshly processed fairy locks, and rightfully so... this metallic ‘do is guaranteed to mesmerize anyone who looks your way.