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We Can't Get Enough Of This Instagram's Rude Color-Pop Aesthetics

Her Spawn is the “childless mother” of color-coordinated cheekiness.


You know how it is on Instagram: mindlessly scrolling through Explore, you can legitimately lose whole days of your life never quite finding the “exact thing” you were looking for – whatever that is. Other days, the Instagram universe lays a gift right into your lap: an impromptu follow from a new account that fits you like weed goes with junk food. It's love at first like.

With vibrant, carefully curated aesthetics, Her Spawn imbues art, fashion, design and photography images with its own brand of cheekiness – whether that's a cellophane-wrapped middle finger, stoner illustrations from Ben Is Right, full-frontal butt pics or a mildly disturbing googly-eyed Barbie.

Probe into the Instagram bio and it all makes sense. The Her Spawn web is the baby of New York-based curator and “fauxtographer” Arius Reynoso: an awesome portfolio of reworked “fake news” newspaper clippings, the world's coolest Instagram posters and business cards, funky lookbooks and NYFW street style.

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