Help Save The World’s Coral Reefs By Playing This Game

The NeMo-Net game has been created by NASA.


With the rise of global warming over the years, it's not a hidden fact that the world’s oceans are under major threat. With marine animals becoming endangered and the corals reefs on the brink of being destroyed, Nasa have found an innovative way to save the world’s oceans.

The NeMo-Net game by NASA will enable players like you to classify coral reefs through 3D painting, with the information going directly to scientists at NASA! The game doesn’t require any previous experience, and instead teaches the player all about underwater wildlife as the game progresses. This means everyone can help protect the oceans even whilst staying at home.

Coral mapping is considered a revolutionary step in scientific discoveries. During the 80s HIV epidemic, the anti-virus substance found in coral reef sponges halted the outbreak. This was a starting point, and now anti-virus substance vital for chemotherapy, and anaesthetic drugs are found due to coral mapping.

To make a difference and help protect the world’s oceans, download the game for free from the App store on any IOS device. This game is the perfect care-free diversion we all need during quarantine.


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