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HBX Introduces MM6 Maison Margiela With Awesome Editorial

HBX Introduces MM6 Maison Margiela With Awesome Editorial

Reclaiming the classics.


As Vogue oh so accurately puts it, “Many of the most buzzed-about brands in fashion right now got where they are by knocking off the work of Martin Margiela.” And I mean, look, we're not gonna lie, we'd probably be without an A in math without the brainiac we had for a BF at school – people learn from the best. Still, that BF would probably be a little pissy if we effectively copied his work and went on to get more recognition for being smart than him.

Well, it would seem that Martin is that boyfriend, recruiting an anonymous team of designers to take back what's his – with a vengeance. MM6 have spent the best part of four seasons remaking Margiela's heritage, and the Pre-Fall 2018 collection is just as classic. You know those stamped logos you've seen all over Off-White? Margiela did it first, and it's back this season on tees and shirts.

Ever on the money, HBX has just added MM6 Maison Margiela to its brand repertoire. The highlights of the drop include the nude bodysuit, the poplin shirt, the sleeveless sweatshirt with fridge detailing, staple T-shirts and hoodies, and the awesomely named Tractor Treat platform sneakers. There are also some disco-tastic statement silver bags and metallic-heeled boots and mules.

Check out the editorial above and head to HBX to shop the whole drop.


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