Has Lockdown Left You Feeling Demotivated?

It’s time to refocus


For the past three months, life has been on pause for many of us. We’ve said goodbye to make-up, banished our bras, and lived a life of PJs and procrastination whilst we adjust to Covid-19 life. But despite months of mourning canceled festivals and summer holidays, now that the promise of normality is looming, we’re feeling a little bit anxious about the prospect. So let’s talk motivation and getting back our mojo for when the lockdown is lifted.

For some of us, the past three months may have seen our careers go down a slightly different path while the world adjusted to the new norm. We’ve been working from home, morning canceled internships or work trips and completing meetings over skype. And it’s making us feel a bit demotivated and unsure of what the future has to hold. 

That’s because as humans, we are hardwired to pursue and participate in endeavors that offer us immediate gratification. We operate on what psychologists call the ‘pleasure principle’ which is the primary force that compels us, humans, to seek immediate satisfaction. Therefore, the fact lockdown has meant we’re having to focus on the long-term future and that can be particularly difficult for us because it provides us with no immediate reward. It has placed us in a position of waiting, longing for more productive and successful times. And when this gratification is significantly delayed our motivation wanes and our effort decreases. 

So this means you need to seek out regular gratification. Setting yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals will allow you to feel success on a regular basis which in turn will keep you motivated for longer. And if you're battling with productivity during work hours, make sure you take breaks away from your desk and physically remove yourself from your work. Having a new routine will help you manage your time, as well as your work-life balance. It can be easy to get distracted by your phone or the temptation for a midday glass of wine but staying strict on your break allowance will enable you to reel yourself back in and stay productive for longer. It also makes those weekends off a whole lot more satisfying. 


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