Halloween 2018 Makeup Trends

Will they even know it’s you? 


The spooky month is coming to an end and Halloween is tomorrow! A day known for its costumes, scariness and more often than not its festivities. This year makeup has set the bar so high that the idea to be disguised might not be needed. All you need is a few products, brushes, a mirror, and you can start creating a unique look. Here are seven of this year’s Halloween makeup trends, including something new, glamorous, and spooky. 

The Skull Glam: 


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tamanna Roashan 💋 (@dressyourface) am

Taking the skull look and adding a twist to it. The sugar skull's mixed elements of death, beauty and precision inspired this design to create a black and white face leaving you wondering who that person might be. 

Mask Off: 


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Sussan Marr (@sussanmarr_) am

No, it's not inspired by Future’s song, but it could be linked to the idea that people show their real faces even on this day where everyone is in costumes. This design is by Nikkie Tutorials where she divides the face in two. A part of it is painted with extreme glamour makeup with eyeshadows, lipstick and all the contouring, and the other part is left mostly natural, differentiating the half-mask, which is accentuated by the shadow around the glam side, and the person’s real face.  

Horror Circus:  


Ein Beitrag geteilt von り波ブ (@nikiyusufsaputra) am

This is not quite your Harley Quinn look, but something along those lines with more subtlety. Only three colors are used: black being predominant, a tint of white and red, creating an undertone of thrills.  

Pastel Glitter Girl: 


Ein Beitrag geteilt von AMARYLLIS (@glamaryllis) am

Let your inner sparkle shine from within onto your face with lots of glitter, pastel eyeshadows and bold lipsticks. With the contrast of gory makeup, space motifs and a 90’s twist, the Pastel Girl was born. 

Skull Mouth: 


Ein Beitrag geteilt von James Charles (@jamescharles) am

This trend was made popular by James Charles' makeup tutorial with Kylie Jenner where only half of her face from the nose down turned into illusions of a skeleton. You can use different colors to complete it, such as deep purple, red, or blue tones.  



Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jordin Marie (@jordinbabyy) am

This is when makeup stumbles into the more scary and uncomfortable part of Halloween with bloody and highly wounded effects. Fake blood is easy to find this time of year, and it can be combined with latex and different props like strings, safety pins and much more to create texture.  

3D Horror Elements:  


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Sydney Makeup Artist (@elanayiannamakeup) am

Multiplying the horror with 3D makeup elements alongside the glam. This technique can be used with various looks to create movement and a sense of realism, for example black spiders coming out of the eyes.  

Go crazy with your look, and have fun with it.